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The 15 Couples In The Zodiac Who Argue Most Often

1. Leo and Aquarius

Did they say power struggles? But of course! For these two unruly signs, a relationship between them can cause more than one disappointment. And this is why they are one of the couples who argue most frequently. Although they are opposites and complement each other, the vibrations of this relationship are generally tense and unstable. They have very different natures from each other and rarely give in to their partner’s needs. Aquarius is extremely independent, while Leo is the one who wants to take control of the relationship. Eventually, these two signs will burn out on each other and if they can’t agree, they may end their romantic relationship.

2. Aries and Taurus

Here we find a relationship where both members are very stubborn and competitive. No one will want to give in to their partner’s needs. They are two passionate people who tend to let themselves be carried away by their impulses. Taurus and Aries don’t let each other be told how to live their lives and that’s why conflicts will arise. They both love their independence and will never want to be dominated by the other. It’s a complex and difficult relationship from the start. If you both want this to work, it will take a lot of effort on your part. However, in the long run, the unbreakable nature of these two intense signs will eventually exhaust all resources.

3. Gemini and Virgo

This union is truly chaotic no matter which way you look at it. Gemini is an extremely changeable sign, living their life based on the mood they wake up with each day. And on the other, Virgo, which is practically the opposite of the air sign, Gemini. Virgo likes everything to be planned, in order, and in harmony. He can’t stand the lifestyle Gemini leads, no matter how hard he tries. They both clash because their personalities are very different. This means that conflicts never completely cease. There will always be reasons to argue between the two. Unfortunately, they’ll have to do a lot of their part to make this relationship work.

4. Aries and Scorpio

Two intense and very demanding personalities together, would it be a good idea to involve them both? Well, these two signs have a lot to rethink if they want to avoid arguments. Although it rarely works. No one wants to give in to their partner’s demands. And as if that wasn’t enough, both of them are very naughty and won’t leave any subject aside. They will always have reasons to blame their partner. This will not only exhaust them mentally but will also ultimately bring out the worst version of themselves. It’s an intense bond and very difficult to manage. The two ruled by Mars, although they have things in common, will gain more negatives than the positives they have as a couple.

5. Gemini and Capricorn

Usually, these two zodiac signs don’t get along. The two are very different not only in their opinions but also in their lifestyles. Gemini is outgoing, social, and friendly, while Capricorn hides at every opportunity. He is careful and very selective. He will never trust anyone from the start. Gemini communicates everything and expresses themselves easily, and on the other hand, Capricorn hates expressing emotions and talking about deep topics. Without a doubt, these two don’t have much going for them together, unless there’s a lot of goodwill on their part. Discussions? All the time! This pairing rarely works in the long term.

6. Taurus and Aquarius

This relationship is almost impossible to last over time. They will have arguments about absolutely everything. These two signs have little in common since their natures are extremely opposite. But even so, they can never complete each other. Aquarius live their life freely, without pressure, and true to their style. While Taurus craves stability and security in a relationship. These two will rarely be able to agree and focus their energies on the same side. Their life paths are very different so the discussions will be unbearable. An environment worthy of a healthy and mature couple is rarely created. Aquarius will only bring out the worst version of the bull.

7. Leo and Scorpio

Arguments will soon arise, as neither will be in the mood to give in to their partner. These are two warning signs that hate being told how to live their lives. Both Leo and Scorpio have intense and very explosive personalities. Neither will want to willingly submit to the other. They own their world. And no matter how much love you have in your relationship, arguments will be the order of the day. However, their attraction is also very strong and it will probably be difficult for them to end the relationship. They will have to do a lot on their part to make things work and not end badly.

8. Sagittarius and Virgo

These two can hardly get along without arguing. Virgo and Sagittarius have very different natures. The sign of Virgo does not like to make hasty decisions, and even less to leave its comfort zone. You need to plan your goals and achieve them step by step in an organized manner. And on the other hand, there is Sagittarius, who wants to go on adventures and experience life with all its nuances. He prefers to improvise and see as he goes. With very opposing energies, these two will be in constant battle. Sagi’s spontaneity can put Virgo in a very bad mood, which will lead to conflicts that are difficult to resolve. These two like each other better as friends… more than as a couple.

9. Cancer and Libra

Unfortunately, this is another couple that fails to fully unite. The sign of Cancer seeks to have a deeper, more emotional connection with Libra. And Libra, in turn, seeks to connect, but in a more intellectual way. This produces a certain friction between the two, which is very difficult to overcome. Over time, arguments will become more and more present, complicating the future of the relationship. However, if they manage to establish good communication, they will know how to balance their energies to have a good coexistence between the two of them. However, their very different natures and personalities will make this task difficult and tedious to accomplish.

10. Pisces and Leo

These two signs are very different and communicate in contradictory ways. Pisces is very connected to their emotions and feelings and formulates their opinions from there. Leo makes his views known from his ego and through actions that attempt to control his partner. And while this relationship isn’t impossible, it’s far from on the right track. This emotional connection will be somewhat toxic and unstable for both of you. Their very opposite ways of being generate in them a discomfort which will trigger frustrations and misunderstandings. However, if they are mature enough, they will be able to overcome their conflicts, provided that they aspire to a moderate and clear dialogue between the two.

11. Aries and Cancer

The energies between these two signs of the zodiac circulate little and result in a positive union. Unlike a friendly relationship, any sentimental connection between the two will be conflictual. They generally get along well, but when their personalities start to clash, things completely change. Aries has a way of being controlling and very impulsive. And unlike Cancer, he will want to be the one to lead the relationship. Instead, the Crab will expect their partner to demonstrate empathy and emotional maturity. The reality is that these things hardly work…at least, in the long run. This couple is not made to last over time

12. Scorpio and Scorpio

It seems that everything is going well between two people of the same sign. But from the Scorpio sign… NO! These two are wary of life and will constantly seek conflict due to their uncertain and distrustful nature. They know each other so well that they even doubt themselves and their partner. And for this reason, everything will be a subject of conflict between the two. They will challenge each other about everything, and if misunderstandings arise, sparks will fly. These two, for better or worse, are destined to understand each other but also to exhaust each other both physically and mentally. Scorpio knows no limits and in intensity… no one beats him!

13. Aquarius and Cancer

It will be difficult for discussions to find a way out between these two signs. Their opposed ways of communicating may be the main reason for the argument between them. Aquarius acts and gives his opinion from his individuality, while Cancer does everything to satisfy his partner. Often, he even steps aside to see his favorite person happy. But in this affair, this couple has everything to lose. Their sentimental and emotional needs are different, as are their ways of expressing themselves. The priorities are different between them. It is, therefore, one of the couples who argue most frequently, and who rarely last long.

14. Leo and Virgo

The constant clashes between the two personalities will cause these two signs to argue very frequently. Leo’s controlling and manipulative personality meets resistance with Virgo’s disciplined and stable personality. These two may get along well at first, but if the relationship continues, they will need to work on these attitudes if they want to have a healthy, stable, long-lasting relationship. Perhaps their communication fails significantly since each understands what he wants to understand from the other. Their ego also plays an important role, and it will be difficult for them to give in to the well-being of their partner. They will likely eventually get bored and look for a relationship more in line with their styles.

15. Libra and Taurus

Although these two signs are ruled by the same planet, they face many difficulties in their relationships. Libra has a very indecisive personality, which causes Taurus to have a constant crisis. Their very different ways of seeing life and relating to their environment can make things worse as the days go by. And even if they want to have a harmonious relationship, their nature will do the opposite. Taurus lacks patience with the attitudes that Libra can have. He doesn’t understand their points of view and has to work to adapt to their routines. And Libra will not want to give in to the bull’s stubbornness and few fleas. So this relationship, sooner or later, will be doomed to failure.

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