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The 3 most seductive zodiac signs in astrology

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People underestimate the power that water signs hold. The 3 water signs are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to seduction!
If you don’t want to burn yourself in love, it’s important to know which are the most seductive zodiac signs in astrology. You have to step carefully around them!

What are the most seductive zodiac signs in astrology?



As a rule, Pisces is charming. Those born under this sign are a bit shy with those they don’t know, but full of mystery. Not as refined as the other signs, Pisces is sometimes childish and naive. She is the one who continues to cling to hopes and dreams even as she begins to mature. Pisces believe in fairy tale endings.
Once they reach adulthood, they will continue to wear this mask.

But this time no one will see their eyes. This helps them a lot especially when they are lying. They know best what to do to confuse and seduce you. Highly sensual Pisces lips will whisper half-truths or seductive lies, so stay out of their way if you don’t want to be disappointed.

Sometimes if they feel threatened they will play unfair and fake to see how far they can go. Always look into their eyes, they will always look away, especially if you keep your attention on them for a good portion of the time. The look of Pisces is like opening their soul and they will not be able to continue at the same pace. 


Cancer owns the truth. He will pour his heart out to those he cares about and tell you the unwanted truths you’d rather know.

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This is the perfect friend, always acting in your best interest.

He is a parent and a fighter and should not be used or disrespected. A Cancer who has been hurt is like a vengeful storm. It is unstoppable, emitting lightning and chaos, clouds and thunder that last for days. The storm grows stronger when it is reminded of what it has been through and will not stop until it sees its enemies destroyed. 

However, this does not mean that he will enjoy his victory. He will seduce and abandon, but then cry. Cancer has strong feelings, and this haunts him.

All he wants is to love and be loved, to care and help. But if his trust has been betrayed, so will he eventually. 


Scorpio is the epitome of seduction. His voice is mesmerizing and anyone can be deceived and brought under his control. Scorpio doesn’t trust and doesn’t like anyone. He will always be on guard because he knows how bad people are and how hard life can be.

This is the sign that rules mystery and the dark sides we rarely decide to dive into. Dating a Scorpio is a struggle with the unknown. He will put you through many tests throughout this love journey. It will always be a few steps ahead of you, testing you to see if you are like all the other unworthy mortals.

If he’s betrayed or if you’ve failed the tests, he’ll take you out with an ease that will mark you for years to come.

Scorpio represents mystery, darkness and punishment. To feel the wrath of a Scorpio is to be subjected to emotional torture.

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