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We are all constantly in search of that friendship that lasts for a lifetime, of that friend who is able to read us without just expressing ourselves. Each sign of the Zodiac has another sign with which the most compatible talking about friendship issues. Here is the best friend you need by your side according to your Zodiac sign:


You are a person who trusts his instincts to the fullest and who pursues his dreams as he is. You are full of creativity, spontaneity, and ambition. But your big flaw, Aries, is your impatience, the one that makes you throw yourself too quickly into a vacuum and end certain matters too quickly. Your best ideal friend is Libra. You need someone who knows how to calm you at all times, someone who fights your impulses and stops your feet when you’re about to commit madness. Your best friend Libra will always help you set foot on the ground. In addition, you can help Libra when making decisions and go for them.


You stand out for your strength, for your safety, for your patience when it comes to doing things. You are a persistent person, with a lot of character and very hardworking. Therefore, at your side, you need a quiet sign that does not seek confrontation. Your best ideal friend is Pisces. This sign is known to be someone super empathetic and with a great heart. Pisces will never face you to see who is right. All he will do is try to open your eyes and try to teach you a different perspective. In return, you will give Pisces the stability that sometimes he lacks.


You are an intelligent person, very creative and looking for an intellectual connection with anyone who enters your life. You enjoy making friends a lot, but you need to be free to be yourself. Therefore, your best ideal friend is Aquarius. Such a sign will never be able to put chains on you or steal your freedom. Aquarius has a personality that fights for independence and for authentic friendship. With someone like that, Gemini, you will be able to have fun whenever you are together, but, in addition, you will both understand that you need your own space and time alone.


You value the goodness and heart of others very much. You are a person who thinks more with the heart than with the head and, in addition, you are one of those who enjoy the small details of life. You are looking for a person to help you put your feet on the ground, but, above all, to value everything you keep in there. Your best ideal friend is Capricorn. You normally care about others for that emotional understanding you have, but instead, Capricorn is a more rational sign, which will help you see things from a more practical perspective and be much harder in the face of any adversity.


You are one of the strongest signs of the Zodiac. You stand out for being someone of strong mind and quite authoritarian, but at the same time, you have a great heart, you are charismatic and have no problem being honest. Your best ideal friend is Sagittarius. With this sign, you share that special spark that you have when living the signs. When you are together, there will not be a dull moment. You, Leo, will support Sagittarius’s creativity to the fullest, while he/she will be your breath when it comes out of your comfort zone. You are very explosive signs and there is no doubt that your friendship can be one of the best in the Zodiac.


You stand out for your great intelligence, for your common sense, and for your enormous advice. There is nothing to resist you, Virgo, and you are the first person to appear when someone needs help. Your best ideal friend is Scorpio. Like you, Scorpio is a very deep and intelligent follower, but in a different way. Your intelligence, Virgo, resides in your practical and analytical thoughts. But Scorpio’s intelligence focuses more on strategy and intuition. Both, you make the perfect tandem. You compliment each other perfectly and together you would be able to have perfect and at the same time great ideas.


You are known for being a very peaceful, open-minded and super social person. You have no problem understanding others’ problems or hearing opinions other than yours. Your best ideal friend is Gemini. When you get together, you are capable of being an explosive bomb. You are some signs that vibrate among you in a very powerful way. You will have very stimulating conversations and you will never get bored when you are together. Gemini will give you the confidence that you need so much and will value everything special and how different you are. In return, you will be able to give Gemini the peace he needs in so many moments.


You are one of the most mysterious signs of the Zodiac. Inside you, a sea of ​​emotions coexists, but you don’t like to show it to the world. You are quite reserved, but that does not mean that you are not an incredible friend. Your best ideal friend would be someone Cancer. Scorpio, you need to surround yourself with people who are intelligent emotionally speaking in order to feel safe and understood, and Cancer is the ideal person for that. Cancer is able to detect your vibrations and will help you clarify all those feelings that are born from you. Also, in return, Scorpio, you will make Cancer feel very protected when it is by your side.


You are known for your intensity, for being a person who has an accelerated pace of life. When everything starts to get too boring, you rebel and go out in search of new adventures. You know how to make a trip interesting and how to disconnect from the routine. Your best ideal friend is Aries. You have the creativity and Aries has the impulse to put your ideas in rhythm. Also, although you are a very safe person, Aries will give you the confidence you need to do things. You will make the impossible possible. You will never get bored and, in addition, you will be able to visit even the strangest places in the world.


Capricorn, you are a person who always goes beyond and struggles to make his dreams come true. You love having everything under control and planned to keep order. Even if they say you have no heart, you are someone capable of sacrificing their well-being for that of others. Your ideal friend is a Taurus. Someone who will perfectly understand your practical approach to doing things. As a team, you will be able to get where you want to go. Taurus will remind you that you must be patient and value the small details. In return, you will give Taurus that little push that he sometimes needs to get started.


You are always fighting, Aquarius, to make the world a better place. You are a person with very different ideas from the rest and always going to your ball. At your side, you need someone who really has an open mind and who does not judge you when you come with your strange ideas. Your best ideal friend is Leo. Unlike other signs, Leo will always support you and remind you that you don’t have to pay attention to the criticisms of others. Leo is also a very creative sign, but he has more feet on the ground and that will suit you. In addition, you can show Leo the way to achieve his dreams and fight for them.


You are known for being a very sensitive and dreamy person. Sometimes, you may even seem vulnerable, but in reality, you are very intelligent and stronger than they imagine. You are that person that you can always trust and that is always there for others. Your best ideal friend is Virgo. You are someone calm and carefree, even sometimes, you forget to have your feet on the ground, but Virgo will come to remind you that you must live in reality. And, in addition, it will help you organize yourself better and concentrate to fulfill your responsibilities. In addition, you will help Virgo stop worrying so much about things that make no sense.

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