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The Biggest Mistakes Zodiac Signs Make In A Relationship

what are you repeating over and over again, spoiling your relationship?


Capricorns have such a special useful – well, as it seems to them – trick: it is impossible to guess that they are in love in any way – until they say it (in words through their mouth, and nothing else). The problem is that the man is breaking news! – also a living person in some way. And sometimes he wants confirmation that he is still loved. And not like always: “I already told you that I love you five years and three months ago. I’ll let you know when something changes.”


There is nothing more beautiful than a relationship with Aquarius in the candy-bouquet period: it is not only passion and tenderness, it is joy, laughter, and fun! But exactly until the first quarrel, in which Aquarius would rather bite off his head than allow himself to lose. Everything should be as she said – or did she say quietly?! Any disagreement with a man is a reason for Aquarius to declare a crusade against him, fight there to the penultimate drop of blood, and return with trophies (sometimes in the form of someone’s head). It’s not that we advise at least sometimes to give in, but why beat?!


Every Rybka begins to dream of love and invent an ideal Prince for herself from the very time when she first gets bored (usually this happens when her mother puts her on a potty and does not tell her to get up until she does her business). Thus by that time. when it comes time to start a relationship, Rybka knows exactly what the Ideal Man should be. At the same time, Rybka is by no means devoid of pragmatism and is well aware that this does not exist. It’s just that she gradually begins to endow her current partner with all the necessary qualities – in her fantasies. And disappointed when he dares not to comply. Guess who will fly for this.


Hack the password from the man’s phone and carefully read all the correspondence, paying special attention to messages from Vova Autoservice and Ivan Nikolaich SNT Dubolom. Easily! Throw a tantrum if the cute one is 23 minutes 40 seconds late. By all means! Follow social networks every mop that he likes, and with predilection (up to the needles under the nails) finds out who she is. Oh, well, this is instead of our morning workout. In general, the pathological jealousy of Aries is a worse thing than a monster under the bed. But the main thing is that they are not very jealous self-conceit does not allow. This is so, for the sake of order. Just think, the order is like in a prison!


Taurus, as practical women, enter into relationships not only for love but also for convenience (however, they cannot fall in love with unsuitable men). And their calculation is as follows: this pot should do me well and conveniently, for this the Universe created it, this is its highest mission. In general, it’s even beneficial for a man – Taurus can take a sweet, kind, caring, and cheerful guy and make him the head of an international corporation – simply because she feels good and comfortable not only when she gets coffee in bed, but also when she gets a lot of money. The only problem is that she expresses concern only in the form of a motivating kick to further achievements. And a person, maybe, wants to be stroked on the head at least once a year.


Gemini, they say, are surprisingly easy people, which is true. This lightness is expressed in the fact that, firstly, if anyone is comfortable with them, they will find an approach to everyone; and secondly – in the fact that with the same ease, they tick away from the relationship in any incomprehensible situation – rather, until it starts! and cut off all contact. And the unfortunate peasant, having folded the mournful cabbage soup, is sincerely perplexed: he didn’t do anything, he just went in! In general, the Gemini does not give a second chance to anyone – and sometimes in vain, honestly. Not everything is his joint, as they say, that you appointed him a joint.


It is paradoxical, but true: to win the love of Cancer is literally a super task, which only the elect are capable of solving; Cancer always rejects, and only the most persistent (and worthy) continue to storm this fortress. But as soon as she falls in love – write wasted: Cancer completely dissolves in his brave knight – literally to the degree of “Our trousers.” But not everyone can stand it – to be honest, many run without these same trousers: I would be alive. True, the completely frostbitten still endure the period of suffocating Cancer love and then live with Cancer happily ever after. Well, who survived, of course?


If the noble Lioness condescends to some man, then she begins to play the role of the queen of his life to the fullest: everything in the house, everything in the family! She brings money to the family (usually a lot), all her ideas (usually brilliant and potentially monetized), and all her talents (absolutely limitless). And also all your tantrums for any reason, bad mood, minor problems – in short, all the garbage generously generated by life falls out exclusively on the head of the closest person. Because it’s not a royal thing to show your weaknesses to all sorts of serfs – once, but twice – why does he always fall under a hot paw?


Virgo, like Pisces, knows exactly what her ideal partner should be. Only, unlike Pisces, she prudently chooses a model that best matches the declared performance characteristics and then finishes it to the ideal. Do you know all these men’s tales about “My wife is sawing me”? Forget it. All these people simply cannot statistically be married to Virgos. But if they were, they would know what a real piling is: sophisticated criticism, subtle sarcasm, gaslighting, and shaming – all with feeling, with sense, with arrangement. With love for this art.


There is such a useful phrase – “No, everything is bullshit, redo it!”, – and it is precisely this that Libra is not able to voice to her man. And it doesn’t matter what it is about – a romantic surprise, plans for the future, or an orgasm. Instead, Libra fake smiles, pretending that everything is in order, and harbors their frustration for years, like a pregnant elephant. And sooner or later they will be born, of course. But the problem is that not by a sincere statement of well-founded claims, but by passive aggression. “Darling, is something wrong? “I could have guessed!”


As you know, don’t feed a scorpion with bread – let them arrange some big bada boom. It’s good if Scorpio is successful in her career (you can weave intrigues there), surrounded by friends (you can manipulate them to your heart’s content), and generally happy with life (oops, this is always not for long). But as soon as there is a lull in her life, she needs to arrange drama with blackjack and buns. It is impossible to prevent it, only survive. But Scorpio is perplexed whenever another sufferer is carried away by a typhoon arranged by her back to Kansas. Ha, weakling! But those who survived – they will feed Scorpio with guilt for a long time. She will inspire them, ha-ha-ha.


Least of all in the world, Sagittarius gives the impression of a woman who wants the strange, but this is she. Or rather, like: Sagittarius, in principle, is strange, but she wants something new, something different. This works great (and for the benefit of neurons) in life, but in relationships, sooner or later it leads to a pathetic male exclamation “What else do you need ?!”.

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