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The dark side of Sagittarius. The worst traits of this zodiac sign

Everyone has negative traits, even if they are balanced by strong, positive characteristics. For example, the zodiac sign Sagittarius!
orn between November 22 and December 21, the Sagittarius personality is known for a lot of positive attributes, especially being intelligent and goal-oriented.

He enjoys outdoor adventures, but also thrives indoors, exploring information. He is also optimistic and outgoing.

Sagittarius is represented by an archer or a centaur, symbolizing his sharp focus and ability to achieve his goals. He also enjoys deep discussions and debates and these help him develop and evolve.

For Sagittarians, every topic is compelling and deserves their attention. They seem fascinated by anything, anytime!

Other good traits of Sagittarius include a desire for success and approval from himself and others, as well as a relentless drive that helps him reach his goal with ease.

This zodiac sign can also be represented by fire, an indicator of the transient nature of his thoughts and interests, and obviously of his brilliant mind.Sagittarius have some negative traits that only people close to them can identify. What are these traits? Astrology has a lot to say about the negative side of Sagittarius.

The dark side of Sagittarius. The worst traits of this zodiac sign

1. He is arrogant

Because of their talent for contemplation and critical thinking, a Sagittarius is prone to overestimating their intellect and can appear arrogant as a result.

2. He is a narcissist

Narcissism tends to lead to selfishness, and Sagittarius can fall into this trap. Although it rarely creates problems for them in the professional environment, at work or in business, it certainly runs the risk of alienating their friends and family.

3. It is direct

It is clear that Sagittarius is fully aware of his intelligence and self-confidence. Among the many possible consequences of such an awareness, its far too direct nature is the most consistent of them.

Sagittarius can forget to think before they speak, which leads to embarrassment at best and compromising relationships at worst.

4. Criticize too much

He is also a person who criticizes quite easily and forms an unjustified first impression of people. Even if first impressions are not always the right ones, he manifests his criticism from that moment on.

5. He is too self-indulgent

Sometimes risk-taking is a positive trait, and Sagittarius almost always dives in headfirst. Not taking risks leads to more roadblocks in life than open doors.

But, this native is totally responsible because he puts himself in danger through risky actions like gambling. He makes the mistake of assuming he is invincible and untouchable, which gets him into trouble and often burns bridges with those who try to stop him.

6. It is unforgiving

The Sagittarius zodiac sign holds a grudge for a long time. So, those around you should try to upset him with something or make him wrong.

Sagittarius is not at all forgiving, especially when their character is attacked by someone. When his ideas are questioned, he is quick to argue and will often resort to rudeness.

7. He is vengeful

When Sagittarius is stabbed in the back, they fight back quickly and without mercy. You might not even realize he did it if the revenge was orchestrated well enough.

He acts very intelligently and is creative.

While we all have negative traits, Sagittarius has one that is unique and specific to their zodiac sign

With his cunning ability to innovate, Sagittarius has the advantage of finding a way to make his dark side work for him. He is no stranger to confidence, and confidence is key to his assertiveness and dominance.

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