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The Darkest Quality Of Zodiac Signs


Honestly, it took you a long time to come to terms with your darker side, you’re not going to pretend that you’re the nicest person in the world. You have your bad side, especially if you encounter people who break your patience. This is when your aggressive side is activated, you want to give orders, you are used to dominating and if someone contradicts you, your arrogance is present. You like to go against conventions, arguments don’t scare you.


Your hardworking, disciplined, and persevering side has led you to taste success. It’s okay, but there are times when you feel overwhelmed because you’re used to wanting to do everything at once and that’s when your dark side becomes present. You freeze up and become stubborn, lazy, and disorganized. You can become a very frustrating person in this situation, you want everything to happen at an extremely slow pace.


Generally, you are the type of person who always has a smile on your face, you like to enjoy every moment and learn from others. However, behind this charming and talkative soul, there is also a dark side. That is, the scattered part of you when you get too nervous about everything and quickly lose interest. If something no longer affects you, you leave it and move on, no matter who is involved.


You tend to be an overly understanding person, you like to put your hands in the fire for the people you love. You can have a broken soul and still dare to give love. However, your sensitivity also has a dark side. There are times when even you don’t know the state of your emotions. It’s dangerous to become a minefield because anything can blow you up and you end up hurting someone who isn’t responsible for anything.


Honestly, you experienced some very powerful things, lessons that gave you strength and reminded you that you were capable of enduring anything. This is the reason why you have become so demanding in all your relationships. However, there are times when you overdo it and you know it. You can become very boring when vanity gets the better of you, you are self-centered and love attention. You’re not going to receive praise all the time and that’s okay, it doesn’t take away from your worth.


Certainly, your meticulous side is very important when it comes to achieving one of your goals because you focus on doing things well, but this perfectionist part can also be counterproductive, remember that everything is a balance. Do not be so attached to evil, your most negative quality is to remember the most unpleasant things from the past and hurt yourself. You are capable of listing your mistakes and those of others, stop!


Sometimes we get so focused on making things go well that they end up being a disaster. You get too frustrated when you decide without realizing that ultimately what matters is you and what your inner voice is telling you. Your darkest side is when you let your ego dominate you and you fall into superficiality, into the absurd desire to please others. You don’t need their applause, if your steps bother them, that’s their problem.


It’s no secret that you like to do things your way, you have a character strong enough to impose yourself and you love it. However, you know that when things don’t go your way, your darker side can come out. This is when you become demanding, controlling, and very vindictive. You resist change and cling to ideas that only exist in your head. You blind yourself because your only goal is to win and that’s it.


Two completely different types of people live inside you. There is the one who takes everything lightly, the one who prefers to see the glass half full, the one who likes to break away from routine and live experiences that move the heart. But there is also your stubborn side, which when he defends his arguments becomes a rather annoying know-it-all. You don’t listen to the reasons, it’s what you say and that’s it.


Take a deep breath! Life is not perfect, there are times when everything goes wrong, times when your tears will be the protagonists and you will feel like the most failed person on the planet. However, you have to learn to let go, to start again. Your dark side is when you worry about everything, you become rigid, addicted to work, and stop enjoying the truly worthwhile things.


I know you value your space a lot, getting away from it all is how you cleanse yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally. It’s admirable that you don’t depend on others to keep you moving forward, but you know there are times when you go to the other extreme. In other words, you become too quiet, and you withdraw, even when you are present. Your dark side is cold, distant, and very mysterious. However, those who love you care.


Life is like that, unpredictable, crazy, carried away, it’s the one that makes you laugh a lot one day and the next leaves you emotionally hurt in a corner. However, if you hate facing reality, it is your darkest quality. You’ve become a great escape artist and that only leads to you piling up problem after problem. Don’t run away, it’s not all about decorating with your imagination and creativity. Let it hurt a little, everything will be fine.

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