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The December Full Moon Promises Magic In The Lives Of These 4 Zodiac Signs

The spontaneous days of Sagittarius season have officially given way to the more organized (and perhaps gift-wrapping) parties of Capricorn season. This seasonal change isn’t just limited to your sudden burst of ambition, it’s also accompanied by colder temperatures with the onset of the winter solstice.

However, as the last full moon of 2023 approaches, the urge to snuggle up with more than just the to-do list will arise. In fact, during the Cold Full Moon in December 2023, every zodiac sign will want to prioritize their emotional needs over productivity, suggesting that your New Year’s resolutions might have to wait a little longer.

The upcoming Cold Moon will take place in the cardinal water sign Cancer, highlighting the emotional needs and desires of each zodiac sign. Are you wondering if you have neglected your instincts or if you need to let your emotions run wild? If so, now is the time to explore your feelings.

While it may seem contradictory to the rigorous, disciplined vibes of Capricorn season, it’s essential not to suppress your intuition in the name of productivity. With the moon in its home sign, understanding not only your own security needs, but those of others as well, will be more accessible.

The “Cold Moon” of December 2023 is rare

The “Cold Moon” of December 2023 turns out to be a rare occurrence. At 1:33 a.m. in France on December 27, this full moon will reach its peak in the evening sky. As the first lunation following the winter solstice, this full moon gets its nickname from the frigid temperatures characteristic of this time of year and thus occurs at the end of each year.

What’s special about this Cold Moon is that it will be visible on Christmas Day, an event that hasn’t occurred since 2015. Get your cameras ready, because something like this won’t happen again until 2034. Consider this like a true Christmas miracle.

The signs most influenced by the Cold Moon of 2023 share a common characteristic. Since the last lunation of 2023 will occur in a cardinal sign, the most affected zodiac signs will also be those of cardinality: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

This group is naturally inclined to action and the initiation of new projects. Thus, the energy of the next full moon will only stimulate these signs to make decisions by their current needs.

As cardinal signs, they also share the sensitivity associated with Cancer. Therefore, these signs can anticipate that this full moon will illuminate aspects of their lives already considered top priorities.

Discover now the Cold Moon of December 2023 will most impact these 4 signs of the zodiac:


The December full moon in the sign of Cancer will illuminate the most intimate sphere of your chart, revealing much deeper emotions that you may be ready to acknowledge. Even if vulnerability doesn’t always come easy for you, it might be better to let your guard down instead of fighting against this martial armor.

The vivid flashbacks in your emotional memory and subconscious cannot be denied. Rather than resisting, why not welcome them? The traditions you have created reflect the values ​​rooted in your heart, even those that may arise from pain. You have built a stable house within and around you, one more reason to celebrate.

On December 27, the full moon in Cancer will also illuminate your innate desire for increased comfort and security in your home and family. Even if you’re used to enjoying a hectic lifestyle, this lunar phase will invite you to reconnect with your roots, Aries. With the festivities in full swing, it’s an opportune time to spend time indoors, surrounded by people who deeply understand you.


Under the full moon which will be revealed in your first house, Cancer, you will be led to reflect on the deep needs and desires that reside within you. The question arises: do you prioritize, dear Cancer? If your emotional well-being has been neglected, now is the time for a quick check-up. Your intuition is at its peak, so if you feel the need for a readjustment, follow your intuition which will guide you in the right direction.

Your heart will be filled under the light of the moon, Cancer. If emotions overwhelm you, there is no reason to withhold the expression of your deepest feelings.

Rather, feelings may emerge at this time, some that you may not have previously recognized. If you’ve ever felt neglect or apathy from a community, this lunation could be both triggering and healing for your inner child.

Experiencing a sense of belonging, surrounded by loved ones, can be both sweet and bitter. Some would describe this as “anemia,” expressing a deep longing and nostalgia for a past you never experienced. Celebrate how far you’ve come, even if it takes you back to the beginning. Being fully present in the moment might be more rewarding than you imagine.


Under the light of the Cancer full moon, which will illuminate your 10th house related to career and public prominence, you will be led to consider how you can reinforce a sense of security and emotional fulfillment in your work.

You view your career as a home, a source of satisfaction, and this period will offer you a better understanding of how to achieve this balance. You may be considering a change of career field or gaining recognition for your efforts.

Your professional commitment deserves special attention, especially since your influence under this full moon will reach its peak in the public domain of your astrological chart. However, this luncheon could also mark the conclusion of a professional project or career move, in addition to the increased attention you will receive.

Take a step back to reflect on the compatibility of your professional trajectory with your values, traditions, and emotional foundations. A female authority figure or influential relative could play a key role at this time, especially if you view them with high regard.

A meaningful partnership could also come into play, but tensions related to financial values ​​and beliefs could emerge. Confrontations are almost inevitable, but with your charm and diplomacy, you can navigate these situations as best you can.


Under the shine of the full moon in Cancer, which will illuminate your seventh house dedicated to romantic relationships, the emphasis will be placed on your emotional ties. During this lunation, you will invest more in supporting others rather than yourself.

While relying on those closest to you isn’t always easy, you’ll learn to create a sense of familiarity within your most intimate relationships. The notion of cohabitation will take a central place for you at this time, dear Capricorn.

Whether you’re missing someone you care about or considering embarking on a new partnership, the full moon in Cancer, illuminating your seventh house of relationships and companionship, will have a significant impact.

You might feel some tension between mixing business and pleasure, given the personal connection you share with someone and the potential implications on the structure of your foundation. Even if your natural inclination is to favor logic over intuition, following your heart and leading with love has never been more rewarding.

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