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The First Mercury Retrograde Of 2024 Will Bring All Kinds Of Drama And Revelations

The first Mercury retrograde of 2024. Starting on April 1st, a series of astrological events will occur, bringing significant changes this spring. In addition to the usual transition of the sign of Aries and the energy associated with the astrological new year, the recent total lunar and solar eclipses, as well as the first Mercury retrograde of the year, will also play an important role. These cosmic influences promise a dynamic period where communications, thought patterns and general mood may be subject to notable fluctuations. In short, the cosmos still has exciting surprises in store for us.

What exactly happens during Mercury retrograde?

During Mercury’s retrograde, this planet appears to slow down in its apparent path around Earth, creating the illusion that it is moving backward. This astrological phenomenon is associated with various notable effects such as communication problems, misunderstandings, unexpected delays, and technological breakdowns, among others. However, despite these challenges, retrograde transits also offer opportunities for growth and development. They invite reflection, reassessment, and revisiting certain aspects of our lives, which can ultimately lead to positive transformations.

The first Mercury retrograde of 2024 will start on an unusual date

Mercury’s first retrograde in 2024 will begin on an unusual date: April 1st. At that time, Mercury will station retrograde at 27 degrees Aries, and this retrograde phase will last until it resumes its direct course on April 25th.

Aries, as a cardinal fire sign, shares the fiery characteristics of its planetary ruler, Mars. He is renowned for his assertive, daring, passionate, and daringly fearless temperament. This is why communication under the influence of Mercury in Aries is often direct, driven by boldness, and conducive to quick decisions and spontaneous actions.

Mercury retrograde can be seen as an opportunity for a second chance.

Especially in situations where we may have overreacted or judged too quickly. This is a time for re-evaluating our past actions and taking a more thoughtful and balanced approach to present circumstances.

Mercury retrograde in Aries offers a chance to revisit past conversations that might have generated unresolved confrontations. Have you spoken your truth? Were you able to assert yourself with clarity and confidence? It is also an opportunity to correct impulsive reactions or hasty judgments. Mercury in Aries tends to jump to conclusions quickly, so use this time to step back, reflect, and approach these conversations with a new perspective.

Here’s what Mercury retrograde in Aries has in store for your Sun sign and rising sign:


Aries, as Mercury retrogrades in your sign for about three weeks, it will be important to think twice before saying words you might later regret. This period requires careful attention to how you communicate and interact with others. Make sure you align your thoughts and intentions before expressing yourself, and choose your words wisely to avoid any misunderstandings or conflicts.

If elements of the past resurface during this time, consider it an opportunity to approach unresolved issues with a clear and open mind. Patience will be your friend, as it will allow you to gracefully navigate through any potential challenges that may arise. Keeping an open mind will promote smoother interactions and more harmonious resolutions.

If you have been looking to move on from certain situations or relationships, this moment represents an invitation to confront persistent problems directly. Take the time necessary to address these issues in depth and with integrity, as this will allow you to move forward and release any weight from the past. Use this time to cultivate mental and emotional clarity, and to move forward with confidence toward a more fulfilling future.


Dear Taurus, with Mercury retrograde, the next three weeks are a valuable opportunity to highlight your healing and personal growth. It will be time to turn inward, explore the recesses of your being, and confront buried emotions and triggers from the past that no longer serve you.

During this time of introspection, give yourself the confidence to listen to your instincts. Your intuition will guide you to areas of your life that need attention. Use this opportunity to address unresolved issues with clarity and determination. Whether by working on emotional wounds, confronting destructive behavior patterns, or releasing energetic blockages, this inner journey will allow you to flourish and free yourself from the burdens of the past.

Don’t be afraid to dive deep into your emotions and past experiences. Each confrontation with your past offers you the opportunity to grow, heal, and transform. Be compassionate with yourself during this process, as it can be difficult and demanding at times. Remember that every step you take brings you one step closer to your true potential and your most authentic essence.


Dear Gemini, when Mercury, your ruling planet, retrogrades, you are directly impacted by its effects. The first retrograde of 2024 will particularly shine a light on your social circles and your aspirations for the future. It is crucial to be aware of your approach when interacting with your peers, as you may be more prone to misunderstandings due to hasty assumptions or unclear communication.

Despite these potential challenges, there is one positive note to take from this time: it is an opportunity to reconnect with old friends or reestablish connections that may have weakened over time. However, if unresolved issues resurface in your relationships, it is important to move forward with lightness and an open mind. Consider this time as an opportunity to strengthen your bonds by approaching challenges with tact and mutual understanding.

Use this period of Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to reflect and reevaluate your social goals and aspirations for the future. Take the opportunity to clarify your intentions and express your ideas with clarity and conviction. With a mindful and caring approach, you can successfully navigate through the challenges and opportunities that this cosmic period brings to your social life and personal aspirations.


Dear Cancers, in your conversations with your superiors, humility will be an essential quality to have. Taking the initiative requires not only patience and discipline but also an acute awareness of your professional interactions, especially during Mercury retrograde. This cosmic transit sheds light on different aspects of your life, from your professional aspirations to your perception of authority.

During this period, it will be essential to be attentive to the commitments you make, whether in your personal or professional life. Make sure your promises are realistic and achievable, as Mercury retrograde will highlight anything that has been left undone or overlooked.

In addition, this period could be conducive to resuming projects that have been put aside or reevaluating your long-term goals. Take this opportunity to think about what is truly important to you in your career and your life in general. You could discover new perspectives or redefine your priorities, which will allow you to progress in a way more aligned with your deep aspirations.

During Mercury retrograde, be especially mindful of your professional interactions and engage with humility. Use this time to reevaluate your goals and return to important projects, while remaining open to the opportunities for personal and professional growth that present themselves to you.


Dear Lions, your worldview is deeply influenced by your past experiences and your unique perspective. During Mercury’s upcoming retrograde transit, it will be important to keep an open mind and accept a diversity of opinions and points of view. It is this ability that will allow you to maintain your peace of mind and evolve constructively.

Whether through thought-provoking philosophical discussions or enriching academic activities, you are encouraged to question your beliefs and feed your insatiable curiosity. Mercury retrograde offers a valuable opportunity to look beyond your perspectives and explore new ideas and concepts. Remember that every delay or obstacle encountered along the way can often turn out to be a blessing in disguise, giving you the chance to think more deeply and adjust accordingly.

The key is perspective: adopting an open and flexible attitude. You will be able to move forward with grace through the challenges and opportunities that this retrograde period brings. Keep in mind that personal growth and fulfillment often come from exploring unknown territories and accepting new ideas. Use this time to broaden your horizons and to nourish your mind hungry for knowledge and discoveries.


Dear Virgos, being ruled by Mercury, your experience during this retrograde period is of particular importance. This retrograde will emphasize your deepest desires, shared resources, and intimate relationships, inviting you to explore the deepest aspects of your being and your connections with others.

Whether it’s a financial deal that requires a thorough review or an emotional issue that persists without resolution, this retrograde period offers a valuable opportunity to uncover hidden truths about yourself and your most intimate relationships. Don’t be afraid to show yourself vulnerable, because it is in this vulnerability that the key to personal growth and the creation of more authentic and deeper connections lies.

Take the time to immerse yourself in your emotions and the relational dynamics around you. Show courage by exploring the deepest aspects of your being and expressing your needs and desires honestly and authentically. You may be surprised at the discoveries you make about yourself and the nature of your most intimate relationships.

Remember that this period of retrograde is an invitation for deep introspection and open, honest communication with those you care about. By embracing your authenticity and showing vulnerability, you open the door to meaningful personal growth and richer, deeper relational connections. Take advantage of this opportunity to cultivate authentic and fulfilling relationships, both with yourself and with others.


Dear Libras, despite the tumult caused by Mercury retrograde, you continue to shine in your area of ​​expertise. With Mercury retrograde activating your relationship sector, this period offers a valuable opportunity to revisit unresolved issues with loved ones, as well as reevaluate your financial partnerships and contractual agreements.

It is crucial to be completely clear and transparent with your partners during this time, as the risks of misunderstandings and miscommunications are currently increasing. Take the time necessary to clarify your expectations, express your needs, and resolve potential conflicts constructively. If something needs to be addressed in your relationships, whether it’s unresolved emotional issues or financial disagreements, now is the perfect time to step up and address these issues head-on.

Take advantage of this period to cultivate open and honest communication with your partners, and to strengthen the bonds that unite you. Listen carefully to their perspectives and be willing to compromise when necessary. Remember that every challenge you encounter in your relationships provides an opportunity for personal growth and bond strengthening.

Use this period of Mercury retrograde as an opportunity to build stability and harmony in your relationships. While remaining aware of potential challenges you may encounter on your path. With a thoughtful approach and commitment to constructive conflict resolution. You will be able to overcome obstacles and create stronger, more fulfilling relationships in the long term.


Dear Scorpios, take a moment to take a close look at your routines and habits, whether in health matters or your daily schedule at work. Mercury retrograde provides a valuable opportunity to review, reassess, and streamline your workflow, as well as your overall lifestyle.

With patience, self-care, and careful attention to detail, this retrograde period can contribute to significant positive changes in your daily life. Take this opportunity to identify areas of your routine that could benefit from improvement or modification, whether by adopting new health habits, optimizing your schedule, or making adjustments to your work environment.

Be particularly vigilant regarding your communication, especially in a professional context. Take the time to double- and triple-check your emails and deliverables, as the usual disruptions associated with Mercury retrograde could lead to errors or misunderstandings. This is also an opportune time to schedule an annual visit to your GP to look after your physical well-being and ensure you are on the right track to maintaining optimal health.

Use this retrograde period as a good opportunity to focus on your overall well-being. By making adjustments where necessary and ensuring your routines and habits support your health and productivity. With a thoughtful approach and commitment to self-care, you can use this time to make significant progress toward a more balanced and fulfilling life.


Dear Sagittarians, during this period of Mercury retrograde, it is time to redefine your vision and reconnect with the foundations of your self-expression. This cosmic period emphasizes key aspects of your life, including your love life, creative talents, and passion projects. Consider it a valuable opportunity to reconnect with the deep desires of your heart and embark on a journey of authenticity and personal growth.

If you feel like something is hindering your creative spark or connection with your inner child, take some time to think about what truly brings you joy and fulfillment. Explore activities that nourish your soul and allow you to express your true essence. Trust your instincts and allow yourself to freely explore the paths open to you.

If by chance a former love comes back into your life, consider it an opportunity for closure and healing. Be sure to take the time necessary to resolve any unfinished feelings and to free yourself from the past, so you can move forward with clarity and positivity toward new opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

This period of Mercury retrograde will therefore offer you a valuable chance to realign your life with what is truly important to you. And to engage in a path of authenticity and fulfillment. Trust your intuition, embrace your true essence, and open yourself to all the possibilities for transformation and renewal that come your way.


Dear Capricorns, during this period of Mercury retrograde, your personal life is being scrutinized under a cosmic microscope. Everything from family matters to your most intimate feelings is likely to come to the forefront of your mind. You are invited to revisit the past and address lingering issues with confidence and clarity.

While this time may present unavoidable challenges, it also offers a valuable opportunity for personal growth and deeper understanding. By revisiting key aspects of your past and confronting lingering challenges, you can gain valuable insights about yourself and your relationships with those close to you. Each challenge overcome allows you to strengthen your family bonds and develop a deeper understanding of your own motivations and emotional needs.

For those of you who are in the process of renovating your home or overhauling your home environment, this retrograde period also offers a valuable opportunity. Take the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments, both physically and emotionally. Create a space that reflects your authenticity and promotes a feeling of well-being and comfort in your home.

This period of Mercury retrograde is therefore an invitation to dive deep into your inner world and approach challenges with courage and determination. With a mindful and purposeful approach, you can overcome obstacles and transform challenges into opportunities for growth and personal fulfillment. Take advantage of this period to strengthen your family ties and to create a domestic environment that suits you. And which supports you on your journey towards a more fulfilled and balanced life.


Dear Aquarians, with Mercury retrograde, it will be natural for your mind to be in turmoil with a multitude of thoughts and concerns.

This retrograde phase shines a spotlight on every aspect of your life, from your communication style to your immediate environment, including often overlooked details like maintaining your vehicle. Take a moment to think: When was the last time you had your car serviced? This area of ​​your astrological chart governs transportation, making Mercury retrograde a ripe opportunity to revisit past plans that were once put on hold, including those related to your means of travel.

Additionally, for those of you reestablishing connections with siblings or close relatives, this retrograde transit may spark the need to address unresolved issues and gain closure. Use this time to tie up any outstanding details and to bring resolution to any tensions or misunderstandings that may exist. Clear and open communication will be essential to overcoming obstacles and strengthening family bonds.

Remember to pay attention to your tech gadgets and everything tech-related during this time. Make sure everything is working properly and take the time to resolve any technical issues.

Mercury retrograde will therefore provide you with a valuable opportunity to re-examine various aspects of your life, including communication, family relationships, past projects, and even practicalities like maintaining your car. Use this time to tie up loose ends and clarify misunderstandings, which will allow you to move forward with clarity and confidence towards a more fulfilling future.


Dear Pisces, with Mercury retrograde disrupting your money sector, it’s time to get to work and boost your self-esteem. This cosmic period encourages you to carefully review your financial budget and your transactions, taking a close look at how you manage your material resources. Take this opportunity to reflect on how you can take a lead in this area of ​​your life, while simultaneously re-evaluating your core values ​​and priorities.

If you were promised a raise or financial reward that never materialized, now is the time to speak up. However, it is essential to communicate with patience and clarity, presenting your arguments professionally and assertively. Also, think about how you can build your self-confidence in financial matters and personal security. Perhaps you need to develop better financial management strategies or explore opportunities to increase your income.

This retrograde period also offers a valuable opportunity to reflect on your relationship with money and how it influences your self-esteem. By engaging in a process of reflection and self-examination, you can identify patterns of thought and behavior that may be sabotaging your financial well-being. By cultivating a positive attitude and taking concrete steps to improve your financial situation, you will strengthen your self-esteem and overall sense of security.

This period of Mercury retrograde is therefore an invitation to take control of your financial life and strengthen your self-esteem. With patience, clarity, and commitment to your personal growth, you can overcome challenges and move toward a more fulfilling and secure financial life.

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