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The Luckiest Day Of The Week For All Zodiac Signs From April 8th To 14th

Aries: April 8

The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries will highlight your first house of self, helping you enter a new phase of growth that can help you attract the abundance you seek. During this time, you should feel a greater sense of autonomy and courage to make different choices that will help you create success and wealth in your life. It is important to maintain a reflective mindset so that you can be aware that you are making different choices than you previously made when a similar opportunity was presented to you. Remember that you need to create a life that matches what you want, so what others might say doesn’t matter. When it feels good, you can be sure that you are finally on the path to abundance.

Taurus: April 10

Jupiter, a planet of luck, abundance, and expansion, is preparing to end its reign in Taurus in May. This will amplify its energy and allow you to see what this phase of your life represents. As Jupiter in Taurus aligns with Chiron, the wounded healer in Aries, on Wednesday, April 10, you can heal your fear of failure or the unknown, which has been holding you back from manifesting the abundance you desire. Jupiter will be in your zodiac sign, signaling a time of expansion in your personal beliefs and the opportunities you seize. Chiron in Aries is in your house of the subconscious, which also rules your intuition, dreams, and wounds. Choose to move forward knowing that you are healing what previously held you back. Consciously hold space for what surfaces this week, as the Solar Eclipse and Mercury Cazimi in Aries will truly help make this week one of the most crucial weeks of 2024 for you.

Gemini: April 8

The Aries Solar Eclipse and New Moon rise in your house of wishes and community. In this space, you are encouraged to change the way you work with others, network, or ask for help. You’ve been led to reflect on this part of your life over the past few weeks, and you’re challenged to realize that sometimes it’s the people you know who can help elevate your life in unimaginable ways. Solar eclipses bring unexpected and often shocking events, meaning you may receive an offer, gift, or opportunity from someone in your social, professional, or family circle. Engage in conversations and be vulnerable about your skills and goals to show the universe that you can manifest the abundance you want.

Cancer: April 8

The solar eclipse will be incredibly powerful for you as it occurs in your house of career alongside the New Moon in Aries. New moons always bring a new beginning or a new chapter in your life. In this space, you will move into a new professional role or career path or change your academic major. This is a divine and destined energy, as the North Node helps you understand that aligning with your purpose can help you make all your dreams a reality. Although the solar eclipse will contribute to a fresh start in your career, you could also return to something from the past with Mercury retrograde in Aries. While you shouldn’t delay saying yes to a new opportunity, remember that after Mercury Cazimi on Friday, April 12, things might look different. If you choose the unknown of the new over the comfort of the old, you can be sure that you are getting the most out of this energy.

Leo: April 12

The week of April 8 will bring incredible luck and abundance to your life since the zodiac sign of Aries rules this part of your life. But it’s also about helping you know which opportunities to choose and why you sometimes need to go back a little to move forward on the right path. Life can seem to move forward quite quickly this week, even with Mercury retrograde in Aries, so it’s important to continue to visualize the life you want to live. The Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries kicks off the week with new beginnings and opportunities for abundance through new career prospects, travel, or continuing education. This helps you realize and better understand what living in abundance means to you. But you may also be in a period of reflection or trying to figure out how to take that first step, which Mercury Cazimi will help you with on Friday, April 12. This represents the halfway point of Mercury retrograde and the time when the light returns, which can help you know precisely how to use what you’ve learned from the past to create a future that aligns with your soul.

Virgo: April 12

Mercury Cazimi in Aries will occur on Friday, April 12, giving you the blessing of a fresh start with the transformation process you have recently found yourself in. Aries rules over major changes and phases of life and the possibility of inheritance. While the New Moon solar eclipse may bring about a shocking turn of events in your life, Mercury Cazimi arrives with the wisdom to be able to negotiate and plan for the abundance and success you strive to manifest. Mercury Cazimi represents the planet of communication traveling to the heart of the Sun and beginning a whole new cycle. In Aries, this puts even more emphasis on the energy of new beginnings, but it also means that you are free from everything that has gone before. Let yourself see that the past year has been more of a time of transition than an endpoint, and let yourself start saying yes to life again because opportunities like this don’t come around every day.

Libra: April 10

Aries energy rules your house of romance, meaning that even if you’re focused on professional success this week or on your life path, you’ll still face personal questions. Lucky for you, Libra is the sign of balance, and through your journey to learning what you’re worth, you should be able to take what happens this week and turn it into your greatest success. On Wednesday, April 10, Jupiter in Taurus, your house of transformation, aligns with Chiron in Aries, your house of love. Since 2023, Jupiter has been in Taurus, encouraging you to see that the changes you’ve been avoiding can help elevate your life toward greater success and abundance. But over the coming week, you’ll have the opportunity to see how the relationships you’ve chosen in life have directly affected the opportunities you’ve seized. Who you choose to partner with has more power throughout your life than any other factor, so it’s time to take your power back and make sure no one dissuades you from manifesting all your dreams this time around.

Scorpio: April 12

The week of April 8 reminds us that to create the life you want, you must put yourself first. Aries energy rules your house of wellness, representing what you need to feel your best. It also takes on the importance of healthy boundaries and determination, as you realize that you hold the power to attract everything you want from life. On Friday, April 12, Mercury Cazimi in Aries will appear to help you see the path forward. The past few months have been busy, leaving you little time to dream or feel confident enough to make a choice. While this is all part of a preparation process, you are one step closer to finally getting the clarity you’ve been looking for. Keep in mind that even if a moment of enlightenment comes, you will also need to respect healthy boundaries and focus on your personal needs to ensure that you are living the life that is meant for you and not the one that the other person thinks you should live.

Sagittarius: April 12

Even though you are the seeker of the zodiac, always seeking distant horizons in search of knowledge and more meaningful meaning, it would be best if you also remembered that happiness does not always exist elsewhere, but rather can be cultivated where you are. Aries energy rules the part of your life that connects you to your inner child and helps promote a sense of joy and fulfillment. With the Solar Eclipse and Mercury Cazimi happening here this week, you have the opportunity to remember who you were born to be before you start carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. Mercury Cazimi occurs on Friday, April 12, as the planet of communication emerges from hell and begins a whole new cycle. Although the solar eclipse in Aries brings opportunities for more happiness and connection in your life, you might feel like you need to take a break from making any big decisions. Lucky for you, this will happen as Mercury Cazimi reminds you that it’s never too late to make amends, change your mind, and become who you are destined to be.

Capricorn: April 8

The Aries Solar Eclipse and New Moon will culminate in your home, family, and healing, bringing a dynamic possibility for change and growth. In this part of your life, you are often considering moving, purchasing a new home, or expanding your current home. Solar eclipses bring about unexpected events that redirect your path so that you are in alignment with your destiny, which also helps you feel greater ease. You may be hearing from an estranged family member, healing a relationship, committing to a romantic partner, or considering purchasing your first home with Aries Energy present in the week of April 8. However, you should wait to sign anything after April 25th. Because Mercury will be retrograde, you can use this time to reflect on how your healing has also allowed you to reconnect with those who have been most important to you – as well as lean into balance knowing that the Success in your personal life is just as important. as achievements in your professional life.

Aquarius: April 8

The solar eclipse in Aries highlights your house of communication. In this space, it’s not just the words you say, but also the way you speak to yourself and the agreements you make with others. The solar eclipse in Aries marks an unexpected conversation or change with one of your agreements – but there’s no reason to be afraid, as it’s a time for a fresh start. Whatever happens during this time, remember that all you need to do to take advantage of your opportunity is to be transparent in communicating your truth.

While the solar eclipse can help rearrange events in your life and spark the need for conversations, it can also serve to spark surprises or unexpected offers from another. Even if you initially want to wait to make a decision or say no because it will challenge previous plans you had for your life, know that after Friday, April 12, you will feel differently. On April 12, Mercury Cazimi helps you see the light ahead seize the unexpected moments of this week, and create a path of clarity and confidence.

Pisces: April 12

Although it is said that you should never try something new during Mercury retrograde, it is a reality that cannot always be avoided. But often what you may see as a new offering or possibility is also just a simple return to a previous path or dream you once had. The Solar Eclipse in Aries on Monday, April 8 will bring incredible new offerings of wealth and success. Still, you’re better off waiting a few days until Friday, April 12, when Mercury Cazimi appears, to sign anything or agree so you know you’re fully embracing the fresh start the universe is offering you. Aries energy rules your self-esteem, which has been a priority for you over the past few months, but it also rules wealth, success, and even fame. You may find a connection to what’s happening this week with the Aries Solar Eclipse in April 2023, giving you more confidence to make an important decision about your life during a Mercury retrograde. Trust that you are worthy of manifesting all of your dreams and receive the light and confidence that Mercury Cazimi in Aries brings to your life on Friday, April 12.

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