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Aggressiveness. Aries, despite their determination, are often insecure. This quality often gives rise to thoughts of uncompetitiveness and the impostor syndrome. To hide self-doubt, Aries aggressively interact with other people. Therefore, the image of unrestrained and harsh people is fixed behind them. It also happens that representatives of the sign overreact to criticism, not even constructive. Any opinion that goes against theirs, Aries perceive as an attack, so they immediately proceed to counterattack.


Conservative. Taurus in many situations behaves categorically and refuses to go forward. If they decide something, that’s it – the case is closed. Such directive behavior often causes quarrels with others. At the same time, Taurus is sure that it is others who do not understand what they are doing. Representatives of the sign do not question their thoughts, because they came to them after much thought, weighing all the pros and cons. And it doesn’t matter that life is changeable. In order not to miss the important, Taurus should try to stop being so conservative and perceive innovations not as a threat to peace, but as an opportunity for development.


Detachment. At times, Geminis are too windy and superficial. The interlocutors may even get the impression that the representatives of the sign do not care about them. Even loved ones often feel the coldness of Gemini. The air element makes them more likely to be analysts than empaths, that is, the Gemini perfectly notice situations and know how to benefit, but it is much more difficult for them to show sympathy or patience with people that are nearby. They may even look down on those who, in their opinion, do not live up to a certain level. Such behavior, of course, repels many.


Emotionality. The mood of Cancers is so changeable and intense that sometimes they cannot track the differences. Cancerians emotionally react to many factors, and reactions can be both sharply positive and completely polar. Such unjustified involvement leads others to bewilderment, and Cancers themselves, not receiving the desired answer or explanation, often harboring resentment and discontent. Representatives of the sign are stung by the fact that people do not live up to their expectations. At the same time, Cancers do not want to admit that they screwed themselves up.


Dependence on the opinions of others. Leos can be very jealous, and without any provocation. Their desire to be the center of attention and enjoy respect leads to the fact that representatives of the sign overreact to refusals. Wanting to get their way, the Lions put a lot of pressure on others and demanded attention from them. This behavior does not always seem reasonable. In order not to torment themselves and others, Lions need to stop focusing so much on themselves and depend on the opinions of others.


Boredom. All the knowledge and skills of the Virgo can turn into criticism and condemnation if the representative of the sign seems that others do not meet their requirements – they do everything differently than they would do, or do not allow them to act in their way. Virgo is a master of passive-aggressive tactics, so their discontent usually ends in a quiet squabble or conflict without raised tones, in which Virgo wins. Moreover, their triumph can come not because they are right, but because the interlocutor can no longer tolerate their “stuffy” behavior. As a result, people of this sign are perceived exclusively as bores.


Slowness. Procrastination is Libra’s best friend. People of this sign are simply unbearable when it comes to making a quick decision. They will weigh all the pros and cons for days and then go over everything again, instead of deciding. It drives others crazy. Yes, and Libra themselves understand everything, but in rare cases, they can (or want) to do something with this bad habit of theirs.


Stealth. Scorpios are maniacally protective of their privacy. Such secrecy would impress any spy. Representatives of the sign make everything a secret, including their true feelings. Therefore, relatives and others have to make their way to Scorpions through dozens of invisible obstacles to understand them at least a little. Scorpios need to get out of their shell at least once in a while and not be afraid to show their vulnerability.No one dares to hurt them anyway.


Tactlessness. Sagittarians don’t know how to filter their speech. They are 100% likely to say all their thoughts out loud, without thinking that their words can hurt someone or take them by surprise. Saves Sagittarius in such situations, their innate charm and charisma, but once in a while it’s not necessary, so representatives of the sign should learn to be more tactful. People who will not forgive such mistakes will show up sooner or later.


Too serious. Capricorns are sometimes just impenetrable. Representatives of the sign often do not understand jokes, and they can answer a humorous phrase in all seriousness. Capricorns are those guys who need to be separately explained that it was a joke. At the same time, the jokes of the Capricorns themselves are always sparkling and timely, that is, they know how to have fun if they want to. Such is the phenomenon.


Arrogance. Aquarius can behave emphatically closed. By such behavior, representatives of the sign demonstrate that their inner world differs from the views of the majority – that they are special and incomprehensible to others. Such manners reinforce the image of cold and unfriendly people for Aquarius, although, in reality, this is not the case. Yes, people of this sign do not need the attention of others on an ongoing basis, but if you talk to them, they quickly make contact. She is unlikely to be the first to make contact.


Sacrifice. Sometimes Pisces can be too kind and sacrifice themselves to friends or loved ones. Some perceive such self-giving as weakness and willingly use it. Before opening their hearts, Pisces needs to allow their interlocutors to show up – to show who they are. And after any unacceptable trick, immediately move away from such people – do not give them a second or third chance.

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