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The Main Traitors According To The Sign Of The Zodiac

The main traitors according to the sign of the zodiac. Who are these people? Betrayal is a serious blow. The betrayal of a loved one whom he loved and whom he completely trusted is perceived especially painfully. In moments when the heart shrinks from resentment, you begin to think that every person strives to put a knife in your back!

It is not. Most people are not inclined to betray, although there are enough of us among us who are ready to take such a step for self-interest, personal gain, or personal happiness. Is it possible to calculate Judas? Astrologers in this regard say that in certain circumstances, representatives of various signs of the zodiac can become traitors. However, in some signs, the tendency to betray is much higher.

The main traitors according to the sign of the Zodiac:


Personalities of this sign are called the main opportunists among all the signs of the Zodiac. Throughout their conscious life, Pisces have been looking for a way to better settle in life, and therefore they skillfully adapt to circumstances, and change their habits, their position, and their environment, if it is beneficial for them. Naturally, seeking a “place under the Sun” in this way, Pisces invariably betray even well-known people with whom they communicate closely. At the same time, cunning Pisces do everything to get themselves out of the blow and appear in the eyes of those around them as a victim of circumstances.

In addition, Pisces can betray because of strong love. Extremely amorous, these individuals are unable to restrain themselves when a strong attraction appears. As a result, a representative of this sign can cheat on a loved one, or even decide on more drastic measures. In any case, having betrayed a loved one, Pisces repent and suffer, eaten by pangs of conscience.


These are extremely prudent traitors. Virgos, without a twinge of conscience, take this step if, through betrayal, they can get the desired benefits, for example, a promotion, a higher salary, or a fan that they have been dreaming of for so long. Virgo will calculate everything in advance and arrange the matter in such a way that no one around will guess who the author of the insidious plan is. For a representative of this sign, who loves intellectual games, betrayal is also a way of self-expression, because, by the embodiment of an insidious plan, the representative of the sign Virgo shows how cunning and agile he is.

Schemers in life, Virgos do not worry about the fact that they may turn out to be traitors. They do not consider their actions a betrayal, for them it is just a game, from which they most often come out victorious. Is it any wonder that Virgo’s motto in life sounds something like this: “Maximum benefit with minimum effort”?


People around are wary of the representatives of the Gemini sign, and all because of their duality. In various life situations, these people put on different masks and play roles that are beneficial to them.

Betrayal is an empty phrase for them! Gemini does not tolerate restrictions and does not take into account the opinion of society, which means that if a Gemini needs something, he will get it even through betrayal. And do not even hesitate, the eloquent speaker Gemini will find words to justify his actions and get out of the water.

It is also worth mentioning the talkativeness of the representatives of this sign. Gemini needs to know everything and everyone, and therefore they participate in all gossip, and many provoke themselves. Naturally, in the process of discussing someone else’s life, Gemini reveals the secrets of other people, which they may consider a betrayal.


Aquarians are called addicted individuals with out-of-the-box thinking. By their nature, they cannot be called volatile personalities who only need a reason to betray a loved one. Rather, this happens involuntarily when a loved one stands in the way of a representative of this sign.

Ready for anything to get what they want, Aquarius will take any measures, and easily betray another person. People who the representative of this sign does not need are simply indifferent to him, which means that he can betray them without a twinge of conscience.

If he talks about restrictions, then Aquarians despise them even more than Gemini. To change a loved one without repenting of it is quite in the style of Aquarius. Moreover, by committing insidious and treacherous acts, the personalities of this sign furnish everything in such a way that a devoted person also asked for forgiveness from Aquarius.


But devoted people experience the greatest disappointment when they find out about the betrayal of Sagittarius. These people are considered to be faithful and reliable, others trust Sagittarius and selflessly love them, considering them sincere and faithful. And Sagittarius is capable of the most insidious betrayal in the world!

He can betray, be on emotions, be under the impression, or be captured by the idea. But Sagittarius will commit betrayal only if he is sure that no one will know about his insidious act and society will not condemn him.

Tellingly, for all their virtues, Sagittarius is one of the main traitors among all the signs of the Zodiac. They are disgusted by a measured family life, which means that sooner or later Sagittarius begins to look for entertainment on the side. Convicted of treason, Sagittarius bitterly repent their deed, but after a short time, they again embark on the path of treason.

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