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The Most Complete Male Horoscope – Everything About Your Man Is Here!

There is the most important thing here: what kind of family men, friends, and lovers they are. Do not thank.


A leader is a charismatic leader who wants to always be one step ahead of you. You just thought,  but he already did it and did not regret it even once.
As a subordinate  – “not at ease”, as he is just waiting for the moment when  to take your throne;

As the head of the family  – an active,  energetic earner,  thirsty for praise,  which you must certainly pronounce several times a day. An optimistic figure who never annoys does not shift worries onto you but is looking for a way out of problem situations.
As a husband, he requires active attention to his person ( always be aware of his affairs), and he is acutely worried about the prestige and image of his soul mate. Be prepared not to argue with him, otherwise, the dispute will last until the night. Constantly show him your love, he cannot live a day without admiration.   

As a father, a little older than his child,  who is adored by children, he will find time to play with them and treat them to his favorite treats.
As a lover  – passionate and tireless,  not sparing money on you,  able to pleasantly surprise and have fun with you.
As a friend  – cheerful and funny, always ready to  hang out”  once again; easily flying to your aid, for which friends love him so much.  


As a leader  – consistent,  unhurried,  harmoniously eating power and money,  enjoying the process of accumulation, and expansion,  where the quality does not suffer from the available quantity.

As a subordinate  – a pampered,  lazy  cat”, who does not want to work too hard working  for his uncle”, but doing circus steps if he sees the possibility of obtaining the desired benefits.    
As the head of the family  – thinking about the practical benefits of his family and a filled refrigerator,  a true accumulator of values,  who prefers to earn money than to delve into household chores himself ( if he does not understand them); who does not like to complain about fate, and this is worth a lot.  

As a husband  – affectionate and gentle,  loving massage on wool,  decorously fulfilling his duties,  peaceful,  if he likes everything; difficult to  boil”, but in a rage unrestrained ( scandal once every 5 years, but by all the rules of a volcanic eruption).   

As a father  – prudent and correct,  but trying not so much to play as to hug lie down, and sleep with the children.

As a lover  – romantic and generous,  bombarding you with delights,  giving antique little things of unthinkable value, and taking you to restaurants  a la gourmet”, in return demanding to indulge in love and sensual  things”.  

As a friend  – devoted and faithful,  but not to the detriment of his time and family.


As a leader  – flexible,  dexterous,  quickly and variably solving all issues not having any unsolvable cases. What he has is always not enough for him, as he strives for the unattainable.  

As a subordinate  – in time,  in addition to the main job,  to do their own business and earn the main money.

As the head of the family, he is indispensable,  as he keeps his finger on the pulse,  although he solves all household problems remotely at a distance,  due to the constant absence from home ( he earns, after all). Never ceasing to amaze, this is a huge plus for living together, but not able to control their expenses, because of which quarrels with relatives are possible.

As a husband  – “Figaro there, Figaro here”, not convicted – it means not guilty. Knowing how to lie without blushing; always one step before the scandal,  but in time buying his wife a ticket to Cyprus or the Maldives. Not able to sit at home in the gray routine of the economy and family,  looking for and finding a reason to sneak out of the house.

As a father, he is a friend and entertainer,  taking his family to places of leisure,  where he has a place to play and relax.

As a lover  – just a  gift of fate”, amusing, playful, and, most importantly not boring. Constantly swearing promises to marry, but fulfilling this by an objective desire for freedom. Loving fun and life in a big way, which can capture you too.     

As a friend  – the world,  he can give his last shirt,  and his pants for the sake of a common cause.


As a leader  – loyal,  rarely shouting,  knowing your strengths and weaknesses, respectively,  able to manipulate you,  subtly rubbing into your space.

As a subordinate  – a person of mood,  issuing a creative product only in the case of good material incentives.

As the head of the family,  he is magnificent,  because he values ​​\u200b\u200bcomfort and coziness in his home above all else.

As a husband  – demanding respect and care for himself,  clearly adhering to his traditions and habits. Learn in advance to feel his views and facial expressions,  misunderstanding this can lead to unnecessary drama ( we only ask for money when he is at his best).  

Like a father  – a little lazy,  but penetrating the essence of the problems of his children,  if his wife asks for it.

As a lover  – selfishly capricious and hypersensitive,  over-emotional,  a little obsessive,  but intuitively understanding your nature and calculating the course of your thoughts, able to conquer you with his attention and gifts.

As a friend  – secretive,  preferring to leave his hole only in those cases when he has something to brag about or wants to forget.


As a leader, he is self-sufficient,  greedy for flattery and titles,  looking into the future but not seeing problems around,  preferring to throw dust in his eyes than to admit that he is ill. This is a leader who loves his team and reciprocates with him. Agree,  it’s great to have an optimist in the leader who never lowers his head!

As a subordinate  – creative and creative,  adding zest to gray everyday life creating fireworks in the ranks of colleagues. A joker who is adored by the team.

As the head of the family  – focusing on the best,  prestigious, and suffering if he cannot provide it. Creating his castle to receive guests there,  create a holiday and have fun.

As a husband  – intolerant of criticism and painfully reacting to it. Sensitive restless, and restless.

As a father  – kind and affectionate,  loving to patronize and educate,  emotionally mobile, and loved by children.

As a lover  – generous,  reckless, and energetic,  loving to give gifts, and organize entertainment.

As a friend  – cheerful and real.


As a leader, he is nasty and boring,  constantly dissatisfied with the quality of work,  as he is convinced that no one understands his business better than him. It is useless to argue with the Virgins,  they do not hear,  they have the last word.

As a subordinate  – ideal,  diligent,  irreplaceable,  who can always  close any hole.” A workaholic and careerist who dreams of working for himself.

As the head of the family  – pragmatic and rational,  the main thing is that frugality does not grow into stinginess,  and frugality – into piles of trash in the country house and the barn. He has no time to dream,  as he is constantly working or thinks he is working.

As a husband  – problematic,  rarely speaking praise,  criticizing,  demanding constant self-improvement from you,  but proud of you if you live up to his ideals. Warming relationships in the family are hindered by increased sobriety and pessimism, and constant thoughts about the security of children, in their future old age.

As a father  – exemplary,  but with his correctness putting pressure on children. How to eat,  how to brush your teeth, and wash your hands – only Dad knows.

Like a lover  – sadly romantic,  wanting to sit on your time and ears; touchingly unhappy,  to whom life has treated unfairly,  seeking solace in your arms.

As a friend  – constantly teaching,  who avoided being invited to the company because of tediousness,  but is gladly invited to help build the fence.


As a leader, he is popularly personable,  light, and full of compliments, which is why employees idolize him; ostentatiously condescending,  but cunning and plays on the weak positions of subordinates and opponents.

As a subordinate, he is diligent and exemplary,  understanding management and employees, and able to show that one cannot do without him. Scrupulous,  meticulous,  hyper-responsible.

As the head of the family  – showing you that if you chose him,  then you have good taste. With external self-control, he is extremely insecure and fueled energetically by you.

As a husband  – conservatively exemplary,  not taking out dirty linen in public,  but regularly taking out the brains of his half; defiantly showing at every opportunity that he is taller than you,  but doing it subtly and gracefully.

As a father  – selfishly ideal,  if he loves his child.

As a lover, he is nervous,  constantly busy,  but if he finds time for you,  you won’t find a better partner,  as he will show you how to live beautifully. Elegant,  loving to  star”, to hear compliments in his direction.

As a friend  – a devotee,  if you are beneficial to him or he depends on you; ignoring – if he is not interested in you. Often gets into trouble because of friends.


As a leader, he is a tycoon,  guided by the proverb  You go slower, you will go further”, analytical and insidious, risky and impenetrable. Having a magnetic, piercing look, a strong energy of independence, excessive self-confidence, which presses on you regardless of your desire.     

As a subordinate  – a workhorse,  can do a big front of work. Case of disrespect for yourself, it can easily  bite off your hand”. 

As the head of the family  – stable,  responsible,  protecting you,  once again not showing possible troubles,  but greatly experiencing them from the inside. Not stingy and not greedy,  but rather prudent and wise,  having his savings.

As a husband  – silent,  zealous,  not shuffling,  preferring to show his love in deeds and deeds,  demanding from his wife fidelity, and obedience,  which he adheres to.

As a father  – strict and fair,  immensely loving his native blood.

As a lover  – passionate,  energetic,  specific ( if  mine”, then obey me), and harsh, but this is what attracts me.   

As a friend  – a devotee,  ready to give his life.


As a leader  – promising and quick-witted,  absorbing everything that is poorly lying and making it productive; having a global mindset.

As a subordinate  – fickle,  looking for where it is better,  better, and more interesting,  where you can show yourself in all its glory.

As the head of the family  – peace-loving,  if he is given due honors, carrying the booty home to the ” music”. 

As a husband  – romantic,  fickle,  but generous,  constantly giving out compliments, if he is “packed”, rushing about,  if he only builds up power. Quite often behaving like a child,  because point-blank does not want to see problems.

As a father  – interested in and loves to talk and play outdoor or gambling games, and sports with children; able to tell funny and interesting stories.

As a lover  – loving,  wanting to live all the emotions and feelings,  headlong into great sex.

As a friend  – optimistically energizing,  easy-going,  kind, open,  cheerful,  not boring!


As a leader  – in his place,  structural,  incredibly ambitious,  knowing what he wants. Inwardly feeling the benefit and not missing a single opportunity.

As a subordinate  – diligent,  responsible,  doing more than others,  because he wants to be significant and needed.

As the head of the family, he “walks over corpses” towards his goal, of providing for his family,  as he appreciates and cherishes the comfort of the house,  trying to make it more and more comfortable and prestigious.

As a husband  – complex and problematic,  terribly correct and oppressive with authority ( since he needs subjects), but if his wife maintains the balance of such forces, he cares about the prestige of his half, proud of her!

As a father, who is rarely at home,  but who comes to the child’s reporting concert at a music school and makes sure that the child has all the best.

As a lover  – soft and fluffy,  waiting for the initiative from you,  dutifully agreeing to all your whims and desires,  the main thing is that you do not go beyond what is permitted.

As a friend  – looking closely,  not trusting,  but subsequently faithful.


As a leader  – unpredictable,  original,  living extreme,  always one step ahead. Follows only his mind,  trusts only his intuition,  absolutely ignoring the opinions of others.

As a subordinate  – if he has already fallen into captivity,  he looks like a bomb with a torn check, the leader can only dream of calmness ( use it for its intended purpose – give room for innovation), more likes to work remotely. 

As the head of the family  – impeccably supporting his – previously outlined with you – contractual rules,  more than which you can’t blame anything on him. Just make sure to fulfill your duties,  otherwise, problems are inevitable.

Like a husband  – denoting his zone of space,  opening it only in emergency cases,  when he is having fun and feeling good.

As a father  – despite his dullness and eccentricity,  loving and caring, consistently calming effect on children.

As a lover  – unexpectedly disciplined in meetings ( you know exactly the days, and hours of meetings with him), but do not flatter yourself, this is so that you do not interfere with his leisure time. At a meeting, he will not forget gifts, flowers, or sweets, he will joke and “disappear” until a new meeting.      

As a friend  – “cool”, informal,  loving parties, or extreme sports.


As a leader, he is not calculated,  “on his mind”, whom it is a sin to underestimate since there are devils in the “quiet swamp”. Not accustomed to showing his real financial power,  sarcastically referring to life in general.

As a subordinate, he is immensely creative,  consciously wearing rose-colored glasses so as not to see the gray reality. Feeling the direction and being at the right moment where it  is necessary, but never having time to do the job on time.

As the head of the family  – more talking than doing,  but rarely admitting it. Loving his home, and life, but is not able to cope with it on his own.

As a husband  – caring,  but driven. If he starts a family,  he prefers to have a strong companion, unless he is the master of fate. Most often, either  indifferently” related to household chores,  or constantly starting,  but, unfortunately,  not finishing anything.

As a father  – loving and ruling the soul of a child,  constantly talking to him about his problems and helping to solve them.

As a lover-romantic,  calling several times a day on the phone,  absolutely understanding your problems and finding time to discuss them. May take you to an expensive restaurant,  but prefers creative,  theatrical, or informal hangouts.

As a friend  – wonderful,  as he is ready not only to listen to you but also to wipe your nose.

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