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The Most Cruel Zodiac Signs Among Women. Beware!

Many people believe that aggressiveness is primarily the destiny of men. But some representatives of the fair sex are capable of going beyond cruelty and committing the most inexplicable and logical actions that no representative of the more vigorous sex is capable of.

The most cruel zodiac signs among women. Who are they, these ladies? We present to your attention the top 3 most aggressive and cruel zodiac signs among women.

3rd place – Aries

Who would have thought that cheerful and pleasant Aries are the real tyrants and aggressors? Their good attitude lasts exactly until the minute they encounter the slightest difficulties along the way. And woe to you if, according to Aries, you create these difficulties for them.

The main problem is that the Aries woman has long taken on most of the male functions in business and everyday life. Because of this, she becomes too tough and will defend her position to the last. She is always confident that she is right.

Such women are quick-tempered, stubborn, and cynical. Moreover, they can stir up conflict for any reason and even without it.

These are exactly the ladies who will break dishes, throw them at the head of their offender, and throw things out the window.

2nd place – Cancer

Cancer cuties are also capable of spoiling the life of their man, and of everyone around them at the same time. Despite their carefree and cheerful disposition, Cancers are very hot-tempered. But this is not the worst thing – they are touchy and vindictive.

Any, even the most insignificant words, they will not forget but will remember for months, hatching a plan of retribution.

But at the same time, their “terrible” revenge will resemble children’s pranks. For example, pour a bucket of water on your head or draw a chair with chalk. Oh yes, that’s all of them! Ladies who never got out of childhood – it’s all about them.

Then is it any wonder that they are childishly touchy? But alas, everything is not so simple. If your fight with a Cancer woman is too serious, she may harass and even threaten you with physical harm.

1st place – Scorpio

Scorpios are one of the most attractive women and at the same time the most serious opponents. The main danger of representatives of this sign is their sting. They know perfectly well who and where to hurt.

Wanting to offend someone who crossed their path, they will choose the most biting words and look for pain points.

The most paradoxical thing is that the Scorpio woman does not set out to hurt someone, but most often believes she is taking fair retribution or defending herself.

What’s the best defense? That’s right, attack. Moreover, they are not shy about their means. In terms of their cruelty, they rightfully take first place among the most aggressive signs of the zodiac. Now you know the most cruel signs of the zodiac among women.

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