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Do you know someone who is always trying to play the victim and blaming others for their mistakes? This person is probably one of these four signs!

Without a shadow of a doubt, victims people are some of the most complicated people we can meet. They are unable to act maturely in serious moments, and when it comes time to answer for their mistakes, they always find someone else to blame.

They manipulate situations in their favor and make the lives of those who live with them much more complicated. Expecting loyalty or consideration from victimized people is something very complicated because they don’t think about the other, they only care about being seen as innocent and kind.

If you know someone like that, you know how complicated coexistence can be. In the list below, we show the signs most prone to victimization. Be careful when interacting with them!


Cancerians are some of the most victimizing people you will ever meet. In addition to trying to get rid of any kind of responsibility, they try their best to appear innocent and pleasing when they want something from you. Although sometimes this can be funny, be aware because your habits can bring harm to those around you.


Libras are not the greatest example of responsibility and dedication, and in practice, this means that they will try to transfer all the more complex tasks – as well as all the blame – to anyone who is around. They can come up with a thousand excuses to justify why they can’t do something or why they don’t deserve to be held accountable for something that has been delivered into their hands. Your talk works, most of the time, so think carefully before believing anything you’re told.

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Scorpios are perceptive people and attentive to everything that is happening, and they use this to their advantage, especially when trying to get out of certain situations. If a Scorpio wants to play the victim, he will use all his weapons to be the perfect victim and convince everyone of his innocence. Beware of them, as they are masters at getting other people to stand by you, and they can seriously harm you.


For some Pisceans, victimization can be part of their lifestyle. They are so used to acting this way that they don’t even recognize when they are playing this role. It takes a lot of discernment to spot this trait of behavior in Pisces and, if you can, walk away as soon as they can easily manipulate you with their sweet way and their pleasant words.


Being close to the representatives of these three signs is always a pleasure, as they are extremely kind and adorable. Check if your sign is one of them!

Kindness is one of a person’s most admirable virtues, wouldn’t you agree? It is extremely pleasant to be with a kind, caring person, who treats others with politeness and always has a smile on his face.

Not all people are like that, unfortunately. Some walk around spreading rudeness, sporting an ugly face, and don’t miss any opportunity to mistreat anyone. In short, these people have a bad life.

But thankfully, thanks to the signs, there’s no shortage of good-hearted people who aren’t capable of harming a fly.

These true angels tend to be representatives of the three signs that we have gathered in this text. See if yours is one of them!


Pisces tend to enjoy taking care of others, nothing gives them more pleasure than helping those in need, in whatever way they can. That is why the representatives of this sign often choose to work in areas related to medicine, nursing because for them there is no more dignified job than that of caring for others. They don’t mind, for example, putting their problems aside just to help others. The heart of a Pisces is gigantic.


Cancer is the king of altruism, he knows like no one else how to put himself in the other’s shoes and help them in the best way. The Cancerian knows very well, for example, what he should not do to hurt anyone, since he knows how sad the pain caused by disappointment is. The only quality that can end up being a defect of this sign is that he doesn’t know how to say “no”, which can attract a lot of interested people. Many people love to take advantage of Cancer’s goodwill to explore them and get what they want at the expense of the dedication and pleasure they feel in helping others.


Virgo is the sign of some of the most helpful people in the zodiac. They are always available to help their relatives and friends. He is also the type of person who gets along well with anyone else because with his delicacy, sympathy, and good conversation he ends up enchanting even the coldest and most spiteful hearts. The representative of this sign never wishes harm to anyone, much less is happy to see other people suffering.


It is very difficult to get forgiveness from these signs, so think carefully before hurting them!

Forgiving someone’s mistake or betrayal is difficult, especially if the other person is someone we trusted a lot. When we go through a situation like this, we can get really sad and be affected by some kind of trauma, and become more suspicious, harming the creation of new relationships.

For most people, time is a great ally. As the days go by and life goes on, they gradually free themselves from the negative feelings for those who hurt them and focus their energies on moving on with life, looking for a better way.

However, for others, letting go of feelings of resentment is a big challenge. These people take things personally and may well sever forever a bond with someone who has made them suffer. They are known to be extremely spiteful.

Astrologically, these people tend to be represented by three signs. Check them out in the list below!

1. Aries

Aries are focused on their future and make many plans to conquer the life of their dreams. When someone tries to harm them on purpose, they take it personally and can cultivate negative feelings, which can take time to fade and make it nearly impossible for them to release forgiveness.

Think carefully before you make a mistake with an Aries, and if you end up hurting them, it’s best to be prepared to deal with the consequences, as they are not to be taken lightly.

2. Scorpio

Scorpios feel emotions deeply and remember every betrayal, holding a negative feeling against all those who have harmed them. However, they don’t keep everything to themselves. Scorpios seek revenge and want others to feel the way they felt. It’s very dangerous to make mistakes with these people, but a mature conversation about what happened can get them to let go of their grudges and move on without negative emotional attachments.

3. Capricorn

Capricorns are those people who hold grudges for so long that they forget why they developed this feeling in the first place. However, they don’t give in and simply forgive what someone else has done to them, especially if there is no apology. They will cling to that feeling, and if you want to make peace with them, you will have to work hard to get them to open their hearts again.

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