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The Most Dangerous Couples In The Zodiac

Aries and Cancer

A passionate story, of two opposites who indulge in a kiss, a caress, and a conversation so deep that they believe they are perfect for each other. Aries and Cancer have been madly in love with each other since their first meetings. However, in coexistence, the charm of falling in love fades. Aries is impulsive, passionate, and independent, but Cancer is sensitive, intuitive, and simple. Aries wants to take risks and Cancer seeks stability. They may love each other very much, but they have to work emotionally to keep the flame alive. Otherwise, all they will do is build up anger until one day they explode. Aries can become very impatient and aggressive. What they don’t know is that Cancer is calm, but mean and that’s when they will hurt each other cruelly.

Taurus and Aquarius

At first, they don’t realize it, but Taurus and Aquarius fall in love because of the power each exudes. They are used to seeing their ideas come to fruition, they are not the type to follow the herd. All this energy becomes tension between the two, which is why when they kiss, it’s unforgettable. But what happens next? Taurus is focused, practical, and possessive. While Aquarius is more independent, freedom-loving, and creative. Taurus wants Aquarius to have a different lifestyle and put down roots, but Aquarius likes to be changeable, exploratory, and rebellious. This is only the beginning of its toxicity. Taurus is not flexible at all, he wants to govern the steps of Aquarius and he is not going to let it happen. There will come a time when they can no longer be reconciled.

Scorpio and Aries

That the opposite can work is not always true. If a water sign and a fire sign decide to share days, it means that problems will be present. They are both intense and passionate in their way. From then on, the clashes intensified to the point of saying very hurtful things. Scorpio is reserved, and emotional, but very naughty. While Aries is impulsive, impatient, and rude. Scorpio requires emotional connection but is also very controlling. In the case of Aries, he does not allow anyone to manipulate him. They are both very stubborn, they are not going to let their guard down.

Leo et Scorpio

The crush that arises between Leo and Scorpio is because they are very similar. Let’s say that before love they are united by their ego, they admire each other enormously and this is one of the reasons why they can last years together. Their relationship is full of fire and magnetism, but with the same intensity that they adore each other, they can also hate each other. Leo is dominant and will not allow Scorpio’s jealousy to tell him what he should or should not do. Distrust is a trigger in your relationship, you can both become very insecure. The worst part is that if they don’t say anything, they make up ideas until resentment puts an end to everything.

Sagittarius and Virgo

A love that few people understand, but they are so stupid that they don’t listen to reasons, and if others say no, they cling more. Sagittarius and Virgo are stimulating, charming, and independent. Sagittarius is very daring, he does not like projects and this makes Virgo lose patience, alters his stability, and begins to demand Sagittarius. The constant friction between the two causes them to gradually distance themselves and harbor resentment. Both become critical, if they don’t find a balance they will hurt each other cruelly.

Cancer and Libra

It’s sad, but Cancer and Libra can love each other with all their souls and never understand each other. I’m not saying it’s impossible, but you both have to give in to make it happen. Cancer is sensitive, he wants to be the center of attention and Libra has a lot of things wandering around in his head, it is difficult for him to think about the house, the dog, and the children, especially at the beginning of the relationship. Cancer is intense, he doesn’t hold anything back and Libra has trouble putting his emotions on the table. This makes the relationship conflicted. Cancer needs support and Libra feels overwhelmed by its demands.

Leo and Virgo

It is very difficult for Leo and Virgo to stay together for a long time because if they do it is because they both have a high level of emotional intelligence. They may have a passionate relationship, but everyday life shatters all that chemistry. Leo is fire, he is passionate, dominant, and thirsty for recognition. However, Virgo is more perfectionist, critical and analytical. Leo is committed to adventure, looks for a thousand ways to break the routine, is a leader, and likes to take the reins of the relationship. But Virgo wants more than just a good time, they want security and stability. The problem is that Virgo can be very hurtful with his criticism and Leo does not stay silent, when he wants to hurt, no one beats him.

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