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The Most Deceitful Signs of the Zodiac: How to Recognize Lies In 2022

The predisposition to lies depends on the date of birth and gender. Even one day can play a decisive role. In the zodiac circle, there are signs that cannot bear lies, but there are the most lying signs. The horoscope of false zodiac signs will help you figure out which of them is an “honest guy” and who is a virtuoso of lies. It’s at least useful to know this – just in case.


Under normal circumstances, Aries will not lie. Firstly, he is pathologically honest and straightforward to tactlessness, and secondly, he simply does not know-how. True, double morality is not alien to him, and if Aries needs something, he will lie without blinking an eye.

The tendency of Aries women to lie. These young ladies are reluctant and inept. Only to justify themselves and some of their actions, which for some reason do not like their partner or they themselves seem unseemly.

The tendency of Aries men to lie. With remorse, Aries-men did not work out, and they can lie to a woman at any time when they need it.

How to recognize a lie This may seem strange, but exposing the lies of Aries is almost impossible. Knowing that they do not succeed too much before lying, they rehearse for a long time. You can catch them only on improvisational lies.

The reasons for the lie. Representatives of this sign lie only in a couple of cases: to get what you want, to shield yourself or to avoid an unpleasant situation.


Taurus – involuntarily liars. Unlike Aries, they are diplomatic and considerate. And in order not to offend anyone, they will definitely get away from a direct answer. Not that they liked to lie – Taurus is lying so as not to disturb the harmony.

The tendency of women Taurus to lie. The Taurus ladies lie to attract the attention of the opposite love, they get especially good when they have already chosen a “victim” and passionately “spud” it.

The tendency of male Taurus to lie. The hedonist Taurus cannot deny himself parallel novels, and when there are several women, he will not be able to lie. Some relationships did not end, the next ones have already begun – and Taurus gets out.

How to recognize a lie You can find out about Taurus’s lies by paying attention to his speech: if he evades the answer, he translates the topic and obviously doesn’t say anything – Taurus is lying.

The reasons for the lie. Taurus lies to avoid conflict, direct confrontation and to attract attention.


Gemini is perhaps the most deceitful sign of the zodiac. They lie expertly, masterfully and with a twinkle. Lies are believable and convincing – you will not quibble.

The tendency of Gemini women to lie. Cheating on their lips is not uncommon. They do this to escape punishment or to profit.

The tendency of male twins to lie. Fans of a double game with honest eyes will prove to their beloved (next) that she has one. And sometimes they lie out of purely sporting interest.

How to recognize a lie It is extremely difficult to convince Gemini of lies – it is thought out, reasoned, saturated with an abundance of details, and their speech flows like a river.

The reasons for the lie. The twins want to hide something, achieve what they want, or … sell something to someone.


Cancer is a secretive nature. He is not lying, he is not speaking. If Cancer does not want to talk about something, he will not. He will keep silent, deny, leave the topic of conversation.

The tendency of Cancer women to lie. Relations, family, loved one – in the first place. Such a girl will compose fables solely out of concern for loved ones.

The tendency of male Cancers to lie. In this regard, Cancer men do not differ too much from the fair love of the same sign – they lie not to infringe on the interests of the woman they love, but for her own good.

How to recognize a lie Look into Cancer’s eyes and ask straight. Few representatives of this sign will be able to lie after that. However, even if you caught him in a lie, he still will not tell you the truth.

The reasons for the lie. More often than not, Cancer’s lies are lies for salvation. So that his loved ones do not worry and do not worry. Or it’s about Cancer’s finances, and here he will lie without a twinge of conscience.


Lions know how to lie. This is easy for them – they are artistic in nature. In addition, Lions love everyone’s attention, and in order to attract him, they tell exciting stories, and it does not matter that most of these stories are fiction. It’s beautiful not to lie – you cannot tell stories. So consider the lion.

The tendency of women-lions to lie. Lioness – the classic “mystery woman.” Their stories sound incredible but very authentic. They lie to intrigue and arouse genuine interest.

The tendency of men-lions to lie. Lions can shamelessly enjoy the confidence of a woman by hanging a variety of noodles on her ears. And if he suddenly falls for a lie, he will deny everything.

How to recognize a lie There is no line between the truth and the fiction of Lviv. So it will be difficult to recognize a lie. Lions hardly pierce, and if they are caught, they will not admit to anything, they will translate everything as a joke.

The reasons for the lie. Most often – to attract attention and arouse admiration. Such is the nature of Leo – they need to be in the center of events and will certainly turn out to be the “highlight of the program.”


The virgins do not lie on trifles, and indeed they are not the greatest lovers of untruth. But if Virgo had to lie, she would do it with her inherent pedantry.

The tendency of women-girls to lie. “This is not our method,” is what the Virgo women think of lies. They will find a way to achieve their goal in other ways, without resorting to deception.

The tendency of male Dev to lie. These men will lie to their woman, only so as not to offend her, not upset her and protect her.

How to recognize a lie The reputation of the Virgins is such that, most likely, it would never occur to anyone that the Virgos are deceiving anyone. The only uncertainty in a lie can give them out since they do it infrequently.

The reasons for the lie. For Virgo to lie, she needs a good reason. For example, to save or avoid losses in love, relationships, family or career.


If you are interested in the tricky signs of the zodiac – pay attention to Libra. This is not to say that they like to lie, but they are subtle masters of cunning, cunning and intrigue. At first, Libra is inept liars. But if they reveal this talent in themselves, they will not be stopped.

The tendency of Libra women to lie. Libra Girls are lying to protect themselves and their world from an unceremonious invasion.

The tendency of Libra men to lie. Wanting to get more attention, they will flirt with everyone. The closest men-Libra usually do not lie, and therefore can unexpectedly admit to their minor “sins”.

How to recognize a lie Libra is a great diplomat, and therefore only those who decide to analyze the words and actions of Libra step by step can track their lies.

The reasons for the lie. In order to escape from a direct answer or to hide the true state of things, either Libra will lie to maintain a good relationship with others.


Do you think Scorpios are hypocritical people? This is a trick question: Scorpios are provocateurs and manipulators, they can say one thing and do another, and no one will convict them of hypocrisy. Hide the truth Scorpions cost nothing.

The tendency of female Scorpions to lie. With the help of lies, they achieve their goals, both in relationships and in any other area. They can easily put pressure on pity to get their share of sympathy.

The tendency of male Scorpions to lie. The man is a manipulator, besides a jealous man and an owner. In relationships, he will constantly lie and manipulate, only to exclude any contacts of his woman with representatives of the opposite love.

How to recognize a lie No way. Even the closest ones may not recognize a lie in a relationship or in anything else. At the same time, it is pointless to lie to the Scorpions themselves – that they are told a lie, Scorpions understand instantly.

The reasons for the lie. Scorpions can lie out of a love of art, simply because they are bored and want to add peppercorns. Or maybe out of revenge – and woe to the one who crossed the path of the Scorpions. By intrigue, they can destroy their victim easily and naturally.


Sagittarius – dreamers. They may not even lie, but embellish, and they themselves will sacredly believe that it was so. Most often, their lies are obvious and unsophisticated, but at the same time, they are so frank and arrogant that for some reason discouraged people believe in them. And although it sounds pretty strange, Sagittarius is quite able to weave intrigue and achieve his goal.

The tendency of female Sagittarius to lie. They lie to prove their case. However, these attempts are rarely crowned with success.

The tendency of male Sagittarius to lie. Sagittarius men lie to those women whose feelings they no longer care about. If a Sagittarius man is lying to you, this is a bad sign for your relationship.

How to recognize a lie Sagittarius lies are so clumsy and sewn with white thread that it is problematic not to notice it. But if Sagittarius does not lie, but simply embellishes events – no one will guess that this is not true.

The reasons for the lie. In order to impress, prove the point, sometimes for the sake of a career. And – for the sake of a red word.


Capricorns don’t lie, they just don’t tell anything. People themselves can think of something about the life of Capricorns since they are very little informed about the true state of things.

The tendency of Capricorn women to lie. They lie out of vanity, exaggerating their dignity, as well as to attract members of the opposite love.

The tendency of Capricorn men to lie. The desire to impress the lady pushes Capricorn to lie. He will say what you want to hear, even if he has no reason for it.

How to recognize a lie Better not anger Capricorn, trying to publicly convict him of a lie. You will not like his reaction. And to understand that Capricorn is lying is not so simple. He does this infrequently, but well.

The reasons for the lie. Raise your status in the eyes of others, especially if it is an unfamiliar society. This will concern his finances, professionalism, social status and other things in the same spirit.


Aquarius is an intellectual. And here it all depends on what type it belongs to. Some Aquarius prefer the truth. Others may even like to lie – this is good training for the intellect, to calculate everything so that no one will ever understand where there was truth and where is fiction. But more often, Aquarius prefer not to lie.

The tendency of Aquarius women to lie. They do not like lies, it is much easier for them to keep silent about something than to pile up fake stories on each other.

The tendency of Aquarius men to lie. Monogamy is rarely one of the virtues of Aquarius, but at the same time, he can, like Taurus or Gemini, lie to everyone, but may not lie to anyone.

How to recognize a lie If Aquarius is scattered, he can get confused in his own inventions. He also has very honest eyes when he comes up with his own fables – this is where you can “catch” him.

The reasons for the lie. To protect his inner world from encroachments of the external, either because the other side is not ready for the truth.


Pisces – subtle psychologists, masters of intrigue, excellent diplomats. They create an illusion, and it will be good until this built-up illusion collapses like a house of cards.

The tendency of Pisces women to lie. This is not to say that they are lying. They give out their fantasies for reality. And if it suddenly turns out that they are strikingly different from each other, this breaks their heart.

The tendency of Pisces men to lie. Relationships easily fall for lies, because they are too implausible. But if they are intriguing for the sake of a career, then they become truly dangerous.

How to recognize a lie Too much fiction. And that, as a rule, quickly becomes apparent. Unless it’s about a career.

The reasons for the lie. Fish lie, having a lot of reasons for this emotional nature. They do not want to hurt someone who is dear to them and sometimes hide the truth, embellish reality or openly lie. The peace of mind of loved ones is most dear to them, and this sometimes forces them to tell a lie.

Rating of the most lying zodiac signs among men and women

1st place. The first place in the ranking is occupied by Gemini, undisputed leaders and virtuosos of lies. Their lies are poetry.

2nd place. Vengeful Scorpio manipulators on the second line. They gave in to the Gemini only because they always lie for some purpose, and the Gemini can simply out of love for art.

3rd place. Lions close the top three. Who else but Lions?

4th place. Taurus has to. It is necessary to somehow hide their adventures. And avoiding any means of conflict in our conflict world is a problem that needs to be ad

dressed daily.

5th place. Libra does not immediately reach mastery, but when the science of lies is mastered, they are worthy of competition in such a difficult matter as a lie.

6th place. The fish themselves did not understand how they ended up in the middle of the rating. And they brought them here intrigues at work and “lie for salvation.”

7th place. Virgo is serious and thoughtful. They lie infrequently, but so that no one will guess about the forgery.

8th place. Capricorns do not like to chat about themselves. It’s problematic to lie if you don’t really say anything.

9th place. Crayfish perfectly lie about money. Everything else is only to protect the feelings of loved ones. And even that is more silence than lies.

10th place. For Aquarius, the world itself is interesting enough to spend time on lies. Tenth place.

11th place. Sagittarius, frankly, not the best lied. They are much more storytellers than liars.

12th place. At the very bottom of the ranking of liars is Aries. They do not like, do not know how and do not want. Well, it is not necessary.

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