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The Most Honest Horoscope: The Whole Truth About Libra Men

Our Magic Ball decided that the most honest Friday horoscope in the world is not enough for you, so it will tell you the whole truth about men. Alarm! There really will be the WHOLE truth. Today we are breaking down the Libra man into molecules. Do not thank.

What is he

A hungry esthete. Everyone around is a fool and cannot be treated; he alone is a sensitive nature and the last Don Quixote on earth.

X-ray man: he sees through those around him, but, to his credit, he does not abuse what he sees. Honor for Libra is generally a sore point, much like Leo’s Organ of Valor, but since the internal moral code cannot be treated with Viagra, Libra jealously guards its integrity. This, however, does not mean at all that their morality coincides with the morality of the rest of humanity.

Positive traits

Gallantry itself. He is always kind and tactful (but the latter – only with those who, in his opinion, deserve it, and when he wants). God-level empathy. Charismatic, like an old Hollywood actor, and, as a rule, just as good-looking. He strives for beauty (though someone else must create it) and harmony in relationships, and therefore falls and pretends to be dead at the first hint of scandal.

With those he loves, he is caring, like his own mother. A wise adviser an excellent conversationalist, and a generally standard drinking companion, from the chamber of weights and measures, which is very dangerous, because Libra themselves never get drunk: ugh, that’s so ugly!

Negative qualities

He sincerely imagines himself as a star prince, accidentally thrown to earth in a golden cloak and now forced to live his life with the plebeians.

He professes the principle “Beat your own because others are unworthy,” and when he hits, it hurts, because sees an “X-ray man.” Hysterical squirrel: capable of changing unbridled joy to black melancholy in half an hour, and only one thing is predictable in his mood swings – speed. He is capricious, like a decorative dog: he will snort in insult for a long time when he finds a used tea bag on the table, which he put there. In any incomprehensible situation, he arrogantly says: “I need to think.” And he is deleted – as a rule, forever, because while he is thinking, the topic ceases to be relevant. He cannot stand criticism: he immediately falls into dull melancholy and into a bottle at the same time – and will sit there until the critic dances a ritual dance: “Sorry, you are the best, well, do you want me to get you the moon from the sky?”


Dangerous type: charming as a thousand devils, and organically incapable of behaving like a dork, and therefore his ordinary politeness can easily be mistaken for courtship. I am sincerely convinced that a woman should achieve it herself (he doesn’t say how, and doesn’t even show it in pantomime, because he hasn’t decided yet).

The standard romantic from a snotty melodrama, but in 9 cases out of 10 there will be no happy ending: Libras are so romantic not because they are in love, but pretend to be in love so that there is somewhere to drain the excess romance accumulated in the body. They rarely truly fall in love and, as a rule, for a long time. He tries to be honest with his happy chosen one and shows her all sides of his multifaceted nature: he bores her, falls into hysterics, gets offended out of the blue, makes complex cabbage soup, and stomps his foot, which in his picture of the world is a real Italian scandal.


A very gentle and delicate sex marathon runner: fast, passionate, and uncontrollably wild sex with Libra can only happen in the rich imagination of his partner, but even then it will turn out so-so, to be honest.

The main principle of good sex with Libra is not to scare them off. However, this violet is capable of being frightened by anything, and then – see “he will say arrogantly: “I need to think.” ” Libras, who are bold in bed, are the best lovers in the world for those for whom passion is not important: the point “a woman should feel good with me “is also part of their moral code.


Mister Romance. It doesn’t matter how many years he’s been married, be it five or twenty-five, he will still confess his love to his sweetheart every day, give her red roses, serve her coffee in bed, and give her surprises for no reason.

He performs his marital duty better than specially trained Geminis, while remaining faithful to his wife until death do them part. He sees right through the mysterious female soul, so he doesn’t need to explain anything, he understands everything himself. A super husband who can turn his wife’s life into a romantic fairy tale. But, as is typical, he will never learn to wash his plate after himself.


Libra + Aries

A well-equipped lifetime underworld for Libra: it makes a scandal. She criticizes. It requires not words, but deeds. She wants passion. And he can’t even run away, because she’ll still catch up and give it to her again, if you know what we mean.

Libra + Taurus

The key word is “harmonious”: both strive for harmony and at the same time complement each other. In the sense that Taurus decides, and Libra is a beautiful cat.

Libra + Gemini

Everything is very bad. In the sense that everything is very good: synchronous intellectual orgasm and conversations about lofty things, but no one is ready to spend the night near the highways, and no one is ready to provide the family with at least a hut to lay the groundwork for a future paradise. But to express complaints is both for the sake of a dear soul!

Libra + Cancer

Everything is very good: Cancer will receive a gentle and delicate partner, and Libra will receive a caring and faithful keeper of the heart and his fragile ego at the same time.

Libra + Leo

As they say, “sauerkraut is a good appetizer: it’s not a shame to serve, and you won’t mind eating it.” This is roughly what Lioness and Libra think about each other when starting a romance, and then they learn to broadcast their snobbery not to each other, but to those around them. And they live happily ever after.

Libra + Virgo

A terrible alliance: Libra and Virgo are the best friends, but they are also the best enemies, because everyone wants to take the role of an eminence grise, and, for once, they have a worthy opponent. And since neither one nor the other are used to throwing away worthy enemies, this music will be eternal. Funeral music.

Libra + Libra

— What to dress the salad with, oil or mayonnaise?

– What do you want?

– I don’t know, what about you?

– Yes, I don’t care, in general, think about it.

– Well, I thought about it and decided to ask you.

In general, as everyone has already understood, these two are good together.

Libra + Scorpio

Boa constrictor and rabbit: predicting the prospects of an alliance is pointless, because whatever Scorpio decides, so it will be.

Libra + Sagittarius

A delightful romance: a beautiful and romantic couple that complements each other perfectly. Prospects are deplorable: Sagittarius is sick without passion, and Libra is offended. Libras are generally offended in life, but especially with Sagittarius: her delicacy is so-so, to be honest.

Libra + Capricorn

Decay and hopelessness: Libra is suffocating under the tombstone of Capricorn’s practicality, Capricorn does not understand where he disappeared from under the slab again – what was he just here for?

Libra + Aquarius

Fun and tasty: Libra is charged with Aquarius optimism, Aquarius enjoys the freedom that is not encroached upon, and the opportunity to poke Libra with a wand at any time – they twitch so funny!

Libra + Pisces

Not love, but a Christmas tree toy: it shines beautifully, pleases the eye, and gives a festive mood. For a couple of weeks. Then you need to carefully, almost without breathing, take it, wrap it in cotton wool, and hide it on the mezzanine. However, it will still break at the most inopportune moment.

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