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The most honest zodiac signs versus the most lying ones

Have you ever wondered which zodiac signs are the most honest and which are the most lying? Now you can find out!

Even if you refuse to believe it, people lie every day. Some signs may do it for many reasons, such as not to hurt someone’s feelings, to get out of an embarrassing situation, or to protect themselves. In contrast, other signs are very honest and prefer to tell the truth regardless of the consequences.

Here are the zodiac signs that are extremely honest, but also the ones that lie without remorse:



For Aries, honesty is the golden rule by which he guides his life. You will rarely see a fake Aries. What you see is what you get with him and he doesn’t mean to lie.


It is not in Taurus’ character to lie or be fake.

He is reliable, patient, and practical, with no malice in him.


Geminis are not big fans of routine and hate being alone. They are capable of doing anything to please themselves, so they are prone to living a lie. The truth does not come easily to them!


Cancer is always suspicious and jealous of others, which is why they don’t trust him at all. Always looking for acceptance, he will never be honest with the people around him.


Leo doesn’t set out to lie or be fake, but sometimes it happens. The good news is that he does not plan to lie, but seeks to tell the truth in any situation.


Virgo might develop shady and frontal behavior in order to evolve and get what she wants. He knows when to lie and he does it well.


Libra will always live in the past and this is detrimental to its future. Makes situations seem more important or more serious than they are, and vice versa, exaggerating in many cases. It’s all part of her game.


Scorpio is mysterious, so you have no chance of getting him to open up and find out the truth.

The walls he has built around himself prevent people from knowing the person inside.


You can’t be fake when you care about other people. Sagittarius’ feelings are genuine and they want those around them to know it. If you want to have a stable love relationship or a wonderful friend, Sagittarius is the best option.


Capricorn treats everyone with the utmost respect and honesty. He was raised to treat others the way he wants to be treated.


Aquarius only cares about himself. How could he be honest with others when he is not honest with himself? Surely he should be more soulful for his life to be truly fulfilled.


Pisces don’t want to get involved in anything and are tempted to hide around the corner when things get serious. Will he try to lie to avoid responsibility? Most likely, yes!

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