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The Most Important Qualities And Flaws Of The Virgo Man

Virgo season is in full swing, and today we focus on the qualities and flaws of men born between August 23 and September 23. The basic traits of this zodiac sign include a highly developed observational spirit, pragmatism, and loyalty.


1. They are very ambitious people

It’s no secret that along with Capricorns, Virgo men are some of the most ambitious men you’ll ever meet. Being a mutable earth sign, they manage to bring together responsibility and adaptability, which makes them unstoppable in achieving their goals. Some people also have real organizational talent.

Success is very important to them, and they always manage to reach their intended destination, no matter how many detours they have to make. This flexibility also brings them a dose of innovation and creativity. They can very easily become competitive.

2. They are very intelligent and analytical

Ruled by Mercury, Virgo men are blessed with above-average intellectual capacity, a quick-thinking process, and an ounce of pragmatism. They are completely devoted to problem-solving, enjoy puzzle-type activities, and are prone to careers in exact fields such as math, science, and computer science. If they don’t feel called to these fields, they become very involved in the humanities such as history and psychology.

They are calculated people and do not always say what they think, but try to mask their feelings and intentions behind beautifully packaged words.

3. They like to help

Another very important quality of the Virgo man is that he always wants to be helpful. It feels very good to know that you can help your friends or that you are a person that your family or partner can rely on. They have a warm soul, they are friendly and open to people at a standstill. They can be there for the people who need them regardless of the circumstances to lend a helping hand, a warm word or to put a smile back on the faces of loved ones.


1. They can be very critical:

Because of their perfectionism and ambition, Virgo men can often become very critical. They are first of all critical of themselves and then of those around them. Their high standards can make them unforgiving of mistakes. Sometimes I think other people don’t work as hard as they do, and sometimes I don’t realize that I can be very judgmental. Sometimes they use sarcasm to mock others, which makes them appear mean and insensitive.

2. They can get stuck in the past

Perfectionism and high standards in combination with the intellectual capacity of the zodiac, often make these men become prisoners of the past. They will very often analyze every event and every action of theirs and wonder if they should have made a different decision in a certain context. If this decision had not been taken would not have had a better result. Also, because of their hyperanalytical behavior, it is very difficult for them to heal from disappointments and other unfortunate events. Some of their inner battles are self-forgiveness and accepting that they can no longer change the past.

3. They can become very obsessed with work:

Perfectionism, high standards, and ambition can make Virgo men obsessed with their work life and devote more time than necessary to office work. They have an increased attention to detail and can feel offended by colleagues who are more lax or who do not value work as much as they do. They don’t like people who procrastinate or miss deadlines. In work situations, they can quickly jump to negative conclusions without knowing all the details. They have a very strong desire to be noticed and promoted, even at the expense of their personal life.

Also, depending on other positions of the stars in the natal astrogram, some can be impulsive and stubborn, fixating very easily on certain ideas. However, in the end, they will seek to find a compromise and restore an atmosphere of balance in their lives.

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