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The Most Inaccessible Women According To The Sign Of The Zodiac

I wonder which women are supportive of the courtship of the stronger sex, and which ones reject the courtship, like an impregnable fortress? We have compiled a rating of female inaccessibility according to the signs of the Zodiac. The most inaccessible women according to the sign of the zodiac. Achieving the location of the fair sex you like is not an easy task. Among women, there are, of course, those who themselves are ready to fall into the arms of men, but they are rather an exception to the rule. Men have to make a lot of effort to interest a female person.

Hints, courtship, attempts to surprise the young lady, and real masculine deeds are used. And all this to earn the trust and location of a beautiful person. But even in this case, sometimes weeks and months pass before the heart of the woman you like melts.

The Most Inaccessible Women By Zodiac Sign:

12. Sagittarius

The representatives of the sign Sagittarius, of course, have their principles, through which these young ladies are not ready to cross. But in general, they are extremely sociable and easily answer a smile for a smile, and flirting for flirting. Every man will agree that you can very quickly establish contact with a Sagittarius girl because she is a versatile, addicted person who is interested in a variety of areas of life. If such a woman feels that a soul mate is next to her, she will not torment a man with long courtship and wait for expensive gifts. Jupiter’s ward herself can easily offer a man to become a couple.

11. Aries

Women born under the sign of Aries do not like long courtships, serenades under the window, and declarations of love written on asphalt. Even a chic bouquet that you present to her in the hope of an admiring glance is unlikely to please and surprise this young lady. These women love specific men capable of serious masculine deeds.

Moreover, representatives of the elements of Fire believe that a woman herself can take the first step if she likes a man. Therefore, if a girl seeks your attention and flirts with you, ask her zodiac sign. And don’t be surprised if she turns out to be an Aries.

10. Virgo

The young ladies of the Virgo sign can also be classified as “hunters” who choose their own man for life. They will not let an unsuitable contender for the heart close to them. Steel in the eyes and coldness in words will tell such a man that courtship attempts are useless. But if the representative of the stronger sex is distinguished by an analytical mindset, if he takes care of himself and is always dressed “to the point”, such a man will sink into the heart of the Virgin. Representatives of the elements of Air have a special charm, and therefore the Virgo will not let go of the man she likes, even if he does not show signs of attention to her.

9. Scorpio

Scorpions are avoided by many, knowing about the sharp and prickly nature of the representatives of this sign. This is not so. Scorpios are extremely specific personalities. If the young lady of this sign sees in you a worthy man, a strong and self-confident personality, she will not torment you with long courtship. A couple of trips to a restaurant, and a few walks in the park, and Scorpio herself will let you know that she is ready to become your faithful life partner. But if you are not her type, if you are weaker than her character, leave all attempts at courtship. This young lady will become an impregnable fortress, which will unequivocally let you know.

8 Cancer

Rankings are very homely young ladies who dream of a loved one and a full-fledged family with a beautiful home and kids. Perhaps that is why they consider every man who arouses their interest as a potential husband. Cancers, even if they don’t pretend, really want to be looked after, and therefore a romantic candlelit dinner, a walk under the moon, or a beautiful bouquet with a declaration of love can turn this lady’s head. Even if the Lady of the Cancer sign rejects your courtship, you should not back down. Her impregnability is ostentatious, but she expects more decisive action from you.

7. Libra

The girl of the Libra sign cannot be called an impregnable fortress, but not everyone can achieve her location. Such young ladies have inflated requirements for the stronger sex, which means that a man who can boast not only external beauty and wealth is capable of conquering Libra.

He must have charisma, be responsible, educated, diversified, and at the same time be well-versed in art. The ward of Venus will simply ignore the courtship of other fans. But even if a man has all the necessary qualities, he will have to be persistent before the lady of the Libra sign says the cherished “yes”.

6. Taurus

Taurus is very responsible in choosing a partner for life, which means that you won’t take them with compliments and empty promises. A woman of this sign will accept the courtship of a fan, but you should not immediately expect reciprocal feelings from her. She needs time to make sure that the man is serious about her, and that he is reliable as a husband, father, and family man. For this, the young lady of the Taurus sign will arrange all kinds of checks for her boyfriend. And the favor of the woman of this sign will depend on whether the man will withstand the proposed tests. Therefore, get ready to be sincere, resourceful, and consistent in your words and actions.

5. Leo

The proud Lioness is a real flirting queen who knows how to win a man but chooses only the best for herself. A bright and eccentric young lady simply attracts the eyes of men, forcing them to show their best qualities to attract attention. But it is almost impossible to lure a Lioness with simple courtship.

This lady knows her worth, and therefore a man in love should fill her up with expensive gifts and take her to good restaurants, showing that there is a real queen next to him. If the Lioness feels like this next to a man in love, she will thaw and show favor to him.

4. Gemini

It is very difficult for women born under the sign of Gemini to open up to a man and bring him closer to her. For this to happen, the representative of the stronger sex must become a close friend, and this will take a lot of time.

Reliability and perseverance are important for twins in men, and a fan should not deviate from his claims, no matter what happens to him. Therefore, when caring for the wards of Mercury, be prepared for the most difficult test of your life! If you withstand competition with other contenders for the heart, if you accept the ostentatious indifference of your beloved with humor, and do not back down when it seems that all efforts are in vain, after a while the Gemini girl will answer you with consent.

3. Pisces

It is not easy to take care of the young ladies of the Pisces sign, and it is even more difficult to achieve their location. The fact is that such ladies are extremely difficult to please. Pisces dreams of having a charismatic, perhaps even strict man next to them, who will be the real master in the house and become the master of Rybka’s heart. At the same time, he must be incredibly gentle and sensual with his beloved.

It’s not so easy to combine these qualities in one man, and Rybka will “twist” other representatives of the stronger sex until they leave futile attempts to achieve her favor. Therefore, be a real man and surround your young lady with maximum care. Then, perhaps, she will understand that you are exactly the one she has been looking for for so long.

2. Aquarius

At the first meeting, it may seem that an Aquarius woman is easy prey for a man. This is a big misconception! Girls of this sign communicate easily and actively flirt, but as soon as a man wants something more, he will hear a resolute “no”. Here you need to understand that Aquarius, in principle, do not dream of a wedding, as they greatly value freedom.

In addition, they love the love game and, as best they can, put off the moment when they need to move from a period of courtship to a serious relationship or separation. Finally, only the same extraordinary man, distinguished by his free disposition and originality of thinking, can “hook” the young lady of the Aquarius sign. Aquarius will give her heart only to the man with whom she will be extremely happy, both at night and during the day.

1. Capricorn

Romance is alien to the representatives of the Capricorn sign, they do not accept courtship and do not appreciate crazy deeds committed in a fit of feelings. The young lady Capricorn will consider such a man, rather, crazy, and ask him to stay away from her. Fleeting novels, in principle, are not for such ladies.

They are more likely to pay attention to a serious man who exudes confidence in the future, and who stands firmly on his feet. If, in the process of long-term communication, such a representative of the stronger sex proves to be a seasoned and reliable partner with whom you can build a strong family foundation, the wall between the Capricorn woman and her man will fall by itself.

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