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The most independent 5 signs. They don’t let anyone tell them what to do!

It’s not a good idea to try to draw lines for them or tell them how to live their lives!

One of the things that shapes our personality and actions is being told what to do. When someone tells you how to act or respond, it can seem like they’re trying to control you. And, many people can’t stand that feeling!

There are all kinds of reactions that people have when someone tries to guide or train them. But for the independent zodiac signs in astrology, following orders and being told what to do just isn’t in their nature. Some people appreciate advice and may even really need a nudge from behind, while those who hate being told what to do can react extremely badly under similar circumstances.

It’s very annoying when someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about or has no authority over you tries to tell you what to do.

It helps if you listen to the person giving the advice, but if there is no respect or trust, why should you feel compelled to do what they ask?

If you can’t stand being told what to do, you probably don’t do well in environments where there is a hierarchy. If you can’t deal with a boss checking your work and giving you orders, it might be best to work as a freelancer.

  • What are the most independent zodiac signs?



It doesn’t go well when someone tries to tell Aries what to do. This individual must do her work on her own time, according to her own rules. He is impulsive and likes to be spontaneous. One of the main traits of Aries is that they make the most of their time. You have to trust that whatever he is supposed to do, he will do it without anyone trying to control his methods or his timing.

Aries aren’t lazy, they’re just better when they’re their own boss.


It’s a lesson in frustration when you try to tell a Taurus what to do. Not only is he independent, he is also very stubborn. He is very firm about his position when someone gives him directions. Taurus will refuse outright. No amount of money will make him see any benefit in listening to someone else or doing what others want. Taurus does not have time or desire to listen or act according to the advice or orders of those around them.


Leo will not do what he is told to do, ever. It should come as no surprise that he doesn’t like being ordered or directed to do something a certain way.

Leo is a born leader and he is the one who has to tell people what to do.


It may seem that Sagittarius is open to suggestions, but the truth is otherwise. He is as independent as can be and thinks he knows best no matter the situation. Sagittarius is confident that if they don’t know how to do something, they can figure it out on their own. This zodiac sign is the epitome of self-direction and almost finds it disrespectful when someone tries to tell them what to do. He has his limits, so don’t try to push them or lead him.


Aquarius is very independent and doesn’t take too kindly to people telling them what to do.

His reaction to someone giving him an order or instructions is to do the exact opposite. Aquarius likes to be against and do unexpected things. Aquarius does much better when he’s his own boss.

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