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The New Moon In Scorpio In November 2023 Will Have A Lot Of Impact On Each Zodiac Sign

The new moon in Scorpio 2023 will be liberating. In the tumult of this intense time, the veil between dimensions thins, revealing the mysteries of the new moon in Scorpio and their influence on each sign of the zodiac. As a fixed water sign, Scorpio’s powerful passion can pierce through appearances, its Plutonian witchcraft acting as a catalyst for alchemy and creativity. However, to achieve meaningful transformation, self-surrender is essential.

Do you feel the intensity increasing, perhaps exceeding your body’s ability to keep up?

Tensions can emerge in the Scorpio astrological house of your birth chart, especially with the Sun, Mercury, and Mars fueling the fire. Explore the depths of your uncomfortable emotions, finding clarity by confronting your own shadow. The hidden aspects of yourself are coming to the surface, the eclipse season is now behind you, giving way to a new lunar cycle.

On November 13, at 10:27 a.m. PST, the moon will renew at 20 degrees Scorpio, uniting the Sun and Moon in deep darkness. Although visibility is limited, never underestimate the power of the Moon at this time, symbolizing magic, fertility, and new beginnings. The darkness that surrounds this phase may seem strange, nervous, and unpredictable, but with Scorpio’s authority, it marks the beginning of a phase ripe for transformation.

Positioned just two degrees from Mars in Scorpio, where the red planet resides in its home sign, this lunation is intensely charged, and taking events lightly would be a mistake. Mars, with his aggressiveness, his impulsiveness, and his audacity, is fully expressed in his desire to move forward. Although powerful activations manifest, how you channel this intense energy is crucial.

What are your transformation goals and your essential achievements in life? With Mars conjunct with the new moon, you not only have the courage and strength to face challenges head-on but also the passion and focus to succeed. In a more rebellious tone, the Sun, Moon, and Mars will oppose Uranus, the planet of advances and unexpected changes.

The new moon in Scorpio is scheduled for November 13 at 10:27 a.m.

Scorpio still waters, as constant as they are, can be just as stubborn and ready to take on challenges. If you’ve been repressing emotions about something in particular or unconsciously denying a part of yourself, this new moon in Scorpio could be liberating. However, be careful and avoid environments and situations that feel unsafe.

Don’t misinterpret the situation: facing your fears and exploring your dark aspects will be crucial for your development under the influence of the new moon in Scorpio. However, the unpredictable influence of Uranus can be both disruptive and unstable. Maintain your center and develop resilience in the way you care for yourself.

Now let’s see how the new moon in Scorpio could impact each sign of the zodiac, depending on your sun, moon, or ascendant sign:


Despite the power of Mars, your ruling planet, when transiting Scorpio, its proximity to the new moon and its opposition to Uranus, the staunch defender of freedom, may be particularly provocative for you. For example, if you are unconsciously carrying the burden of financial trauma or are entangled in energy that does not serve you, now is the time to free yourself from these chains and debts for good.

This new moon, influencing your eighth house linked to mergers, shared resources, and energy exchanges, ushers in a new cycle of transformation. However, to get to the other side of this metamorphosis, you will have to face your fears. It’s time to claim what’s rightfully yours and reveal the hidden side of your intimate relationships.


The dark aspects of your commitments and the shadows that linger in your relationships become increasingly difficult to ignore. Whether you evaluate these charges based on what you consider stable or valuable, it’s time to reexamine your approach and clarify your instincts. Conjunct Mars, this new moon occurs in your seventh house of compromise, negotiations, and contractual agreements.

Although you’re not the most lenient when it comes to your possessiveness and unwavering opinions, the new moon’s opposition to Uranus in your sign steers you away from a toxic trajectory. There are many ways to channel the energy of this new moon, but the key lies in confronting your fears as you begin a new relationship journey.


Your well-being is your wealth, Gemini. With November’s new moon in the company of Mars in Scorpio, influencing your sixth house dedicated to mindfulness and work routines, it’s the perfect time to harness your power in productive and transformative ways. Whether in terms of your mental or physical health, this luncheon offers a long-awaited opportunity to change the way you manage your daily affairs.

Take the time to re-evaluate your daily rituals and usual processes. If the dark side of your responsibilities, health habits, or acts of service are bothering you, that’s all the more reason to confront the root of the problem and understand why you may be feeling overworked or unfulfilled. In opposition to Uranus, you also release unconscious patterns and psychological motivations that may have hindered your growth.


Anything that has hindered your ability to maximize your self-expression takes center stage during this new moon. Despite your proximity to energetic Mars in Scorpio, this luncheon encourages you to delve deep within yourself to reach your sparkling muse, especially if you’re looking for ways to beautify and romanticize your life.

The Moon energizes your fifth house, linked to authenticity, self-expression, and passion while opposing Uranus, the rebel. Whether romantically or artistically, there has never been a better time to unleash your creative impulses and engage in your soul’s contribution to the world. If you feel stagnation in your creative approach, especially when it comes to dating and romance, a new cycle is looming. Stay tuned, because you are about to fall in love one way or another.


Everything from the emotional foundations to the family environment is subject to the influence of this powerful lunation. Igniting your fourth house related to family, living spaces, and security, this new moon will conjunct Mars in Scorpio, boosting momentum in your personal life. As a result, you will be faced with the need to explore the deepest, darkest parts of your emotional roots and your sense of belonging.

Fears and taboos surrounding your inner foundations and your concept of “home” may be revealed at this time. However, the new moon’s opposition to Uranus could also disrupt relationships with authority figures in your life. The phrase “crumble to break through” has never been more apt.


On your marks, set, show up! Sure, there’s some preliminary work to do, but the seeds of your intentions are more fertile than ever under the November new moon in Scorpio. By influencing your third house related to the immediate environment, thought processes, as well as siblings and close friendships, this new moon will sync with the energy of Mars in Scorpio, shining a light on the dark side of your communication style.

Make no mistake: the way you perceive the world around you might suddenly become clearer. Whether you truly feel at home in your local environment, you are called to confront the fears that cloud your daily interactions and take a more authentic approach. Opposing unpredictable Uranus, the moon can help you transcend your limited belief systems and express your truth.


During this new moon, you collaborate with the universe to manifest your desires. Clarity in your intentions is the essential ingredient in the recipe for manifestation, so be clear about what you want from the forces at play.

The November new moon in Scorpio will energize your second house, which concerns financial stability, personal values, ​​and sensual relationships. It is accompanied by Mars, bringing aggressive energy.

Whether financially or in terms of carnal desires, it’s time to confront the dark side of your impulses, spending habits, and possessions that shape your self-esteem. Considering Scorpio’s taboo influence, you might be pushed to explore new paths, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. The Moon’s opposition to Uranus can cause some shaking and disruption but know that it’s all converging toward a breakthrough.


The new moon couldn’t be more personal, Scorpio, so make it count. The Sun and Moon team up in your zodiac sign, offering a fresh start in terms of your identity and sense of self. In conjunction with Mars, your traditional ruler, this configuration encourages deep exploration of your psyche and the dark side of your personality, as well as your approach to relationships.

Aspects such as your unconscious motivations and fear of rejection may come to the surface, but don’t let this discourage you. This new moon pushes you to break free by confronting the root of your triggers. Given the opposition to Uranus, avoid unnecessary quarrels that lead nowhere. Energy can go from zero to one hundred quickly! Aim for productive tactics rather than petty confrontations to make the most of this supercharged new moon energy.


If you’ve been feeling increased loneliness recently, the Sun’s passage through your 12th house dedicated to solitude and spirituality may be the cause. However, November’s new moon in Scorpio pushes you to explore these feelings even more deeply. By influencing the most isolated and mysterious area of ​​your birth chart, in conjunction with Mars in Scorpio, your internal processes and inner dynamics will come under intense scrutiny.

This new moon will invite you to analyze the unconscious patterns in your life and the aspects of your personality that exist in the shadows; those parts of yourself that no one else knows about. The 12th house is like a secret closet in your birth chart, a place where you consciously and unconsciously hold energy that might no longer be relevant to your current life.

If you don’t feel ready to confront these parts of yourself, this luncheon is here to help you accept yourself. Write in your journal and engage in a spiritual practice. You are transforming yourself from the inside out and freeing yourself from a lot of guilt.


Often overlooked aspects of your social media use and contributions to society are in the spotlight under this revealing new moon. The moon will renew in Scorpio in your 11th house, which concerns associations, community activities, and future aspirations, in the company of fiery Mars.

If you operate in a competitive environment or are involved with power-hungry individuals, this lunation marks the beginning of a new era in your social relationships and affiliations.

In opposition to rebellious Uranus, this new moon invites you to think about how these connections have influenced your self-expression and fueled your passion projects. A public figure you may have been attached to in the past may dissolve, but that only sets the stage for your rebirth, like the Phoenix.


What is the main driver of your success, Aquarius? Whether professionally or in terms of authority, the November new moon in Scorpio reveals the inner workings of your public persona and what drives you to achieve success.

Dark aspects of your personality, as well as those around you, could be brought to light, sparking feelings of fear, jealousy, obsession, or even revenge. That’s not all that triggers this lunation.

The Moon will be conjunct with Mars in Scorpio, adding a layer of aggression and boldness to your approach. Think about the roots of your insecurity and your insatiable desires for fame and authority. In opposition to your modern ruler, Uranus, surprises related to your home, family, and/or living space could add extra drama to the mix. Either way, this is an opportunity for you to free yourself from the unconscious expectations you have placed on yourself.


The inspiration that fuels your faith, spirituality, and worldview takes center stage under the November new moon in Scorpio. Alongside dynamic Mars, you will be encouraged to face all aspects, including the dark side of your life story, and the memories and experiences that have helped shape your belief system.

If you have been hesitant to venture into unknown territory or if you have tended to anticipate the worst, the Moon’s opposition to rebellious Uranus contributes to a revolution in your philosophy and your overall state of mind.

Remember that our beliefs shape our reality, and our words have the power to cast spells. Your past doesn’t necessarily determine your future, so if you’re feeling discouraged or stuck in a current situation, take a step back and consider a broader perspective.

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