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The Patron Bird Of The Month Of Birth Will Reveal The Secrets Of Personality

Who would have thought that every month has its mascot bird? In what month were you born? Select from the list and find out which bird is your patron! Patron bird of the month of birth:

January: Owl

You, like this bird, are wise and insightful. The desire for knowledge gives you amazing eloquence, but you don’t throw words to the wind!

February: Parrot

Boring and predictable – this is not for you! You are the embodiment of creativity and know how to impress, although you do not strive to be the center of attention.

March: Malinovka

I can only envy your persistence! The way you overcome difficulties and achieve your goals inspires your loved ones.

April: Canary

Humor is your forte! You are happy to just live and try to convey a bit of your happiness to others. Any company becomes a little brighter with your appearance.

May: Nightingale

You can be listened to, but what you say inspires optimism in those around you! After all, your mood, positive and friendly, is very contagious.

June: Dove

As a symbol of peace, you will not miss the opportunity to act as a diplomat. Don’t be afraid to take responsibility and lead! Any situation will end well with you!

July: Eagle

You are very confident and calm, you inspire trust, and are a good listener. Well, your advice is worth its weight in gold!

August: Kingfisher

Kindness, responsiveness, and generosity are your main qualities! Even a stranger will instantly warm to you, as soon as you start a dialogue.

September: Falcon

If there are heroes in this world, it is undoubtedly you! We are always ready to help and any difficulties are not a hindrance to you. At the same time, you are modest and do not flaunt your actions.

October: Swan

Loyalty and devotion are what sets you apart from others! You are also able to cope with any task and find answers to all questions, which is why others often turn to you for advice.

November: Rooster

Family and loved ones are your everything! Whatever the situation may be, you will never betray your friends. And if someone dared to offend them, they were ready to fight and win the fight!

December: Raven

Riddles and secrets are what always attract you! You are inquisitive and self-confident, so you perceive all events as a new experience.

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