Zodiac Signs

The problem that every sign tries to run from, even if there is no escape

We all have at least one sensitivity that we try to avoid. There are things that we don’t like, that we run from and that, in the end, we don’t get rid of.

You tried to ignore the fact that you are angry with someone from your past and you will have to face him for the way he treated you.


You tried to overlook the fact that the couple relationship does not satisfy you. You need a change here.


You prefer to ignore the thought that you have not advanced in your career and that you are not living the life you deserve. You need to be more productive.


Your mental health suffered and you tried to ignore this aspect. You should see a therapist.


You tried to ignore the fact that your home is toxic. You have to move to a space that suits you better.


You are unhappy and you tried to get over it. You have to get out of your comfort zone and make a real change in your life if you want to feel better.

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