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Remember, your relationship is a huge part of your everyday life. If you’re with the wrong person, it’ll be hard to find happiness, so rip off the bandage now. Leave them if they aren’t right for you. Stop procrastinating because you are only putting off your chance at happiness.


Remember, you shouldn’t take the next step with your person because of peer pressure, because you feel guilty, because you feel like it’s what’s expected of you. Ask yourself whether this is what you want. Forget expectations. Forget supposed obligations. Decide whether or not you are ready, and whether you want to take that next step at all.


Remember, walking away from the wrong person is a sign of maturity. Even though others might not respect your decision, you should be proud of yourself for doing what’s best for yourself, because that’s best for them too in the long run. They might not see it now, but they will one day.


Remember, your decisions aren’t locked for the rest of your life. You can change your mind at any time. It might be messy to walk away from a relationship or friendship when you have so much history and when so much of your lives are intertwined, but it’s possible. And it’s necessary if you aren’t happy here.


Remember, admitting your feelings is the first step to solving the problem. Your partner is never going to realize what’s bothering you if you keep your thoughts to yourself. The right person for you will actively listen as you explain your side of the story, as clarify what you want from this relationship as a whole.


Remember, your history is meaningless if you aren’t getting treated right today. If you don’t even recognize this person anymore, if you cannot stand who they’ve become, don’t stick around and hope they revert to the old them. Get out. Get away. Get somewhere where you feel safer.


Remember, you are still an individual, even when you’re in a relationship. You should still have your own sets of hopes and dreams and hobbies. You don’t have to do everything together. You don’t have to spend every moment attached at the hip. Space is important. Space will keep you both strong on your own, which will help you stay strong as a couple.


Remember, most people don’t find their forever on the first try. Sometimes, you have to jump back into the dating pool and start from scratch. Don’t be embarrassed about how long you feel like it’s taking you to find your person because so many beautiful, intelligent, incredible people are in the same boat.


Remember, you shouldn’t be asking yourself whether you’re good enough for them. You should be asking whether they are good enough for you, whether they are capable of giving you everything you need, and whether they are willing to rise above your expectations and fulfill you emotionally and physically.


Remember, growth is an essential part of any relationship. You don’t want your person to be the same as when you first met because that means you aren’t moving forward. While you should never push your partner to change, you should encourage them when they make the decision themselves. Be there to support them. Cheer them on.


Remember, you have overcome heartbreak before, whether it was from losing someone you loved or missing out on an opportunity that you were dreaming about. Either way, you have experience. You have proof that your heart will heal eventually. This pain isn’t going to last forever. It’s going to be okay one day.


Remember, if you cannot be your authentic self around them, if you feel like you need to perform to make them happy, then you don’t belong together. You should be comfortable letting your guard down in front of your person, comfortable showing them every single side of you.

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