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The Two Types Of Scorpios: Scorpios Born In October Versus Scorpios Born In November

Scorpio begins on October 23rd and lasts until November 21st and is the eighth astrological sign in the zodiac.

Scorpio is associated with sex, death, and transformation. People born under this sign don’t act very wisely sometimes and that’s just because they never run away from certain things and situations like most of us do.

This zodiac sign might as well have been split into two: Scorpios born in October and Scorpios born in November.

Scorpios born in October versus Scorpios born in November

Scorpios born in October are known to be softer and gentler, while Scorpios born in November are not.

November Scorpios have a reputation for being dark and mysterious. They are more careful and guarded about their feelings and emotions, while October Scorpios are deeply emotional and show it.

An October Scorpio will find themselves wanting change, while November Scorpios value their privacy.

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Scorpios born in October are not afraid of vulnerability, they are optimistic about what building connections with others could bring. November Scorpios, on the other hand, will distance themselves when they feel like they’re letting people in a little too close.

This may not be true for all Scorpios in October and November, but the reputation of these differences exists in some cases.

A November Scorpio can be more assertive because they won’t pretend, while an October Scorpio embodies a more empathetic energy.

Ultimately, Scorpios are highly intuitive, honest, and sensitive individuals, but if you’ve met an October-born Scorpio and a November-born Scorpio, then you know there are differences between them.

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