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The zodiac signs that kiss best

Kissing is one of the most intimate things two people can do together, that’s why it’s so important!
In astrology, there are some zodiac signs that have more abilities than others. Among them is the ability to kiss.

  • The zodiac signs that kiss best


Aries is a good kisser, that’s for sure. All he wants from you is a sign that he is doing a good job and will do an even better job. If your Aries partner kisses you, he won’t pretend or be fake. He will put his whole soul into that kiss.


Taurus is a very passionate sign and wants to be a master in the art of kissing.

It works! His kisses are long because he always gets carried away. More than that, it all comes very naturally to him. His kisses will delight you.


The seductive nature of the Cancer personality is so warm and wonderful that it is almost impossible to resist. Kissing him is a unique experience because this is how he expresses his pure love. It’s something magical!


Leo wants to impress in everything he does.

But, through his kisses he surpasses himself. Leo kisses with intent, he wants to finish you off and he succeeds every time. He is almost the best at the art of kissing because he is good at everything!


Scorpio doesn’t hesitate to kiss you, unless, of course, he has to. And that’s pretty much what happens in a love story: kisses are expected. So, he will take everything as a challenge and try to be the best. Scorpio kisses passionately because they cannot conceive of love without passion.


If you want to kiss someone who doesn’t care what you think about their kiss, then do it with a Sagittarius.

You will get to experience a different kind of kiss, it’s like being almost alone. Why is this a good one? Because he’s not trying to impress you, he’s just there for the pleasure of kissing.

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