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These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Favored By Luck

Three zodiac signs will have a streak of luck starting May 6th. Find out here whether your zodiac sign is also included.

Summer is knocking on the door and with it happiness, love, and a lot of fun. Three zodiac signs will be particularly lucky from May 6th. We’ll tell you who is one of the lucky children of the week.

#1 Overall, things are going well for the Sagittarius

Singles now really want to fall in love. This week you open your heart and get involved with new contacts. Couples experience exciting times together. Things go great in bed, but you also harmonize with each other in everyday life.

Your commitment and willpower are finally paying off! You are being recognized for your successes at work and may even be able to expect a pay rise soon. You are also in a good financial position.

Mercury and Mars tickle the fire out of you and make you a real energy bomb. You are unstoppable and outrun everyone during training. This week you can use your power to set new records.

#2 The Gemini shows their seductive side

Seduction planet Mars puts you in a sexy mood. You can’t get enough of your partner right now. The feeling is mutual! Singles also show their seductive side and attract fans with their charisma.

You will cause a lot of amazement in the executive suite. You can enrich your team with your innovative thoughts and creative ideas. As a Gemini, you are particularly good at communication, which will help you attract more customers.

This week you have a lot of self-confidence – this is mainly due to the influence of Mercury and Mars. This is why you will find the perfect balance between sport & activity and rest & regeneration.

#3 Capricorn is on a winning streak

Seduction planet Venus and power planet Jupiter are now lighting up the bedroom. You and your sweetheart are closer than ever. Singles flirt as much as they can and can hardly keep up with the many options.

A winning streak is on the horizon at work. You negotiate confidently and do good business. You can’t complain financially at the moment either. Your bank balance is stable and you have your expenses well under control.

This week is going to be one of the best of the year! You’ve finally woken up from your hibernation and have more energy than ever before. The sport is easier for you than usual and things are also improving mentally.

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