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These 3 Zodiac Signs Cannot Control Their Jealousy

There can be situations where you feel jealous in a relationship – that’s just part of it. However, some people can no longer control their jealousy and can get to the ceiling pretty quickly. According to the horoscope, this mainly applies to three zodiac signs.

A certain amount of jealousy is completely okay in a relationship. But some are extremely jealous and get involved. They then become real control freaks and scrutinize their partner quite closely. This can put unnecessary strain on the relationship and represents an absolute test. According to the horoscope, this character trait particularly applies to some zodiac signs.

These 3 zodiac signs are extremely jealous


The lion wants all the attention for himself! If someone steals it, the zodiac sign can become extremely jealous. He also likes to be the center of attention and often compares himself with others. That’s why he immediately thinks that everyone else is competition for him and this ultimately leads to jealousy that he can no longer control. And there’s another problem: He just doesn’t like sharing and wants to have everything for himself – this also applies to his partner.


If the Aries feels that he has been treated unfairly, he can quickly go to hell. In a relationship, the zodiac sign expects their partner to always be number one. If this is not the case, those born in Aries can become extremely jealous. Then you need to be careful because that can trigger a relationship crisis. Long discussions are usually inevitable. At least the Aries soon gets back together and later admits his mistakes.


Scorpio is one of the most jealous zodiac signs ever! He is extremely passionate and romantic, but also very jealous. The problem: Scorpio-born people have a trust problem and this also occurs in the relationship. Even the slightest alarm signal can end in a big drama – he immediately thinks that his partner is flirting with someone else or cheating on him. You shouldn’t give Scorpio any reason to be suspicious. Because then he immediately extends his spine.

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