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These 3 Zodiac Signs Could Experience A Big Break In 2024

These zodiac signs are most likely to experience a breakup in 2024. Consider it a new beginning. If your relationship is in trouble, it could be because you and your partner are fundamentally incompatible, the stars are stacked against you, or both. Either way, some zodiac signs could see a breakup on the horizon due to certain planetary movements. Each planetary transit can imbue your sign with specific energy, and when it comes to breakups, it’s essential to watch Saturn.

Saturn is known as the planet of karma, limitations, and structure. When Saturn forms difficult aspects, such as squares or oppositions, with personal planets like Venus or Mars, it can herald a time of testing and relationship restructuring.

This is why you might have a major realization, such as the epiphany that your current six-month situation is no longer worth your time.

Uranus is another planet that impacts relationships. It can lead to unexpected disruptions or revelations that disrupt existing dynamics. The influence of Uranus can also spark a desire for freedom, independence, or authenticity, leading to ruptures or radical transformations in relationships.

And then there is little Pluto, which symbolizes transformation, power, and regeneration. A Pluto transit can shine a light on deep-rooted issues – and that’s how you realize you and your partner need to break up.

Here are the three signs that will probably separate from their partners in 2024, due to planetary movements.


If you are a Leo in a relationship, vigilance is required. Uranus transits through the sign of Taurus throughout 2024, forming a square with Leo. In astrology, this aspect is often considered delicate. In this context, it may suggest that your partner is failing to meet your emotional and relational needs.

The influence of Uranus is characterized by sudden changes, disruptions, and an increased desire for freedom and independence. This can conflict with Leo’s deep-rooted need for recognition, loyalty, and relational stability.

You might feel increased pressure on your relationship if your partner fluctuates between warmth and coldness. You may feel smothered if your partner suddenly becomes distant, or you may be perceived as smothering yourself. To successfully navigate through this year, it is crucial to preserve your individuality.

Open and honest communication about your needs is essential to maintaining the health of your relationship. However, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of a breakup. By staying true to yourself and asserting your needs. You are also preparing for a period of celibacy where you can devote yourself fully to your desires and aspirations.


For Scorpio, 2024 could see significant relationship changes under the combined influence of Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius, forming squares with the Scorpio Sun and other key positions in their birth chart.

These transits can trigger intense power struggles, deep emotional transformations, or the need to confront major issues within their relationship.

As a water sign ruled by Pluto, Scorpio tends to dive deep into emotional waters, often to the darkest abyss of the soul. During this period, this intense introspection could prove beneficial.

Scorpio’s careful consideration of every aspect of their love life could lead to significant breakthroughs or necessary breakups, as they long for an authentic, transformative relationship.

If your partner doesn’t seem like the right one for you, it’s essential to do yourself a favor by deciding to leave now, even if you’ve been together for a long time. By doing so, you allow yourself to start fresh, rather than looking back in 2025 with regrets, wondering why you spent another year feeling stressed and neglected in a relationship that didn’t fully fulfill you.

By showing the courage to end a relationship that no longer suits you, you open the door to new possibilities for personal growth and authentic happiness.


The complex alignment between Saturn and Pluto can act as a catalyst for major changes in relationships. The semi-square between Saturn and Pluto in retrograde on May 6 marks the start of a tumultuous period where the foundations of many relationships could be seriously shaken.

This tumultuous phase may last until May 24, when there may be a glimmer of hope for the temporary resolution of conflicts. However, with Saturn retrograding into Pisces on June 29, tensions could escalate again, triggering a period of increased emotional instability.

Pluto, as the planet of transformation, and Saturn, as the ruler of karma and limitations, can lead one to question the very dynamics of the relationship. What once seemed solid and harmonious may suddenly seem dull and unsatisfying under the influence of these planetary transits.

The all-important moment comes when Neptune, the ruling planet of Pisces, turns retrograde on July 2. At this stage, emotions may be heightened and communications may become chaotic. You might find yourself overwhelmed by the need to express yourself and end a relationship that no longer satisfies you.

Texting and other forms of communication can become the playground for your frustrations and desires for freedom. This is when the decision to end the relationship could be made definitively and irreversibly. The planetary energies at play can create a sense of urgency and a need to break away to move forward into a new phase of personal growth and self-realization.

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