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These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Soon Face An Intense Reality, According To Astrology

These 3 zodiac signs will soon face an intense reality. Hang in there for the impact. If you feel like you’ve been ignoring a little voice in the back of your head that’s telling you that something is wrong or that something needs to change, then a reality check, wake-up call, or moment of clarity could come your way.

Reality checks can be difficult at the moment, when realizations overwhelm you, or when things are falling apart, but they can also be a much-needed catalyst for a fresh start in life. Reality checks can also take many forms, it all depends on the planetary movements occurring in your birth chart.

In astrology, many planets and transits indicate deep clarity or a serious reality check. Usually, this is the outer planets such as Saturn and Pluto, but it can also come from the asteroid Chiron or the North Node, as well as an eclipse cycle. They are the main players in terms of major life transitions.

Saturn, for example, represents karma.

When it transits through your sign, it can push you into a period of growth by shining a light on things you’ve been neglecting. For example, you might lose your job, but once you learn a few lessons, it could open the door to an even better job.

Pluto also brings a sense of transformation, change, and rebirth, which is ideal for an awakening. Pluto’s domain focuses on what needs to be eliminated, often involving the release of excess baggage, trauma, and energy that no longer serves. If you embrace change, you might come away feeling new.

Here are the three zodiac signs that will soon face this intense reality.


Aries is about to experience a period of transformation.

Never before in the life of Aries has it been so auspicious to start a whole new life. Right now, the North Node is moving through the sign of Aries, paralleling Chiron’s healing and the April 8 solar eclipse.

Chiron, often called the “wounded healer,” stirs up pain from the past when it passes through your chart, but it can also help you move forward by teaching you important lessons and sparking major realizations.

It can inspire a radical change in your lifestyle, a leap of faith toward new goals, or the ability to embrace your true identity. If something was hidden or repressed, these transits could push you to be your most authentic self.

The recent solar eclipse in Aries was also significant. Eclipses mark moments when a collective astrological page turns and a new chapter begins. Not only during the days surrounding the eclipse, but eclipse cycles can also have lasting effects ranging from six to 18 months, depending on the type of eclipse.

The April solar eclipse cycle initiated 20 years of illumination for Aries. So you can expect a new life soon. However, β€œthe antidote is in the poison.” The only way out is through these challenges, so things might seem difficult before they get better.


Capricorn will feel more confident in the months to come.

Forget Mercury’s retrograde, it’s Pluto’s transformational retrograde in the sign of Aquarius since May 2 that’s getting the attention, and it will then regress in Capricorn from September 1 to November 19. In astrology, this is a major event.

This retrograde marks the end of Pluto’s descent through the domains of Capricorn since 2008, concluding a cycle of intense transformation in the lives of Capricorns over the past 15 years.

As an earth sign, who prides himself on hard work and resilience, the Pluto transit has caused you to question yourself and your abilities. If you have been going through a period of doubt, this reality check will be a new boost of confidence, encouraging you to get up and move on.

The return of Pluto to your sign will eliminate the last worries by forcing you to take the final step of this transit. The rest of the year will seem even more magical and enlightening, especially once Pluto moves back into Aquarius on November 19th.


Pisces is about to wake up.

While all mutable signs will feel a shift in the direction of their lives in the months ahead, none will grasp the energy of karmic shifts and progress like Pisces.

With Saturn moving through the sign of Pisces, you’ll feel the need to course-correct, take responsibility for your actions, and perhaps even adopt new habits that will bring you long-term benefits.

Now is the perfect time to get serious about what you want in life, as these planetary transits will make it easier than ever to transform into who you aspire to be. Think about your daily routine, your career, your friendships, your relationships, and anything else that could use improvement.

Alongside this Saturn transit, the April 8 eclipse also showed Mars conjunct Saturn, both being in the sign of Pisces. While the eclipse took place in Aries – a sign ruled by Mars – the conjunction of Mars to Saturn in Pisces heralds a time of action, initiation, and movement.

Saturn represents structure, stability, and long-term goals, while Mars is traditionally associated with passion and progress. With this combination, Pisces can expect an incredible transformation between now and the next eclipse cycle in September and October.

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