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These Three Astrological Signs Are The Most Unpredictable

With them, life is nothing like a long, quiet river and no day is the same. We present to you the trio of the three least predictable signs of the entire zodiac.

Didn’t you see them coming when they announced their engagement to this crush they met two months ago? Neither do they, to be honest. These three signs of the zodiac surprise those around them as much as they surprise each other daily. If they are so disconcerting to live with daily, it is because their spontaneity often leads to impulsiveness. As a result, there is no way of knowing in advance what they intend to do. “Where do I see myself in 10 years? I don’t even know where I will be in six months! » That’s pretty much what they answer during a date or a job interview. Far from being among the most foresighted signs, they are known to be unpredictable. And that’s not necessarily a fault.


He tried to plan, organize himself, and set schedules and long-term goals. But he is stronger than him: Aries does as he pleases. And question Noggin, the hard-headed horned beast. Yes, not only is Aries ultra spontaneous, thinking and acting on instinct. But on top of that, this Fire sign is kind of stubborn. Fiercely independent, this free soul needs to feel in control. So inevitably, one appointment too many or an additional framework in his life appears as a personal attack against his free will. Aries is not only a passionate free electron who moves forward by listening to his gut: he is one of the signs who cannot stand authority. Why, suddenly, does he decide to change his vacation schedule or the location of this meeting? “Why not” is more his logic. Or, more precisely: “Why would I follow the rules if I can challenge them?” » Yes, if you chart a course for her, you can be sure that Aries will do everything in her power to get out of it. Truth be told, it is very predictable in its unpredictability.


He lets himself be carried by the breeze of life with the lightness of a feather. Gemini is not an Air sign for nothing. Its element is that of the mind, its planet (Mercury) that of speech: this sign is indeed the one which symbolizes alertness. His intellect is as flexible as his tongue is muscular from debate. His two greatest strengths? Curiosity and adaptability. Gemini wants to see everything, and know everything. He manages to slip into places where you never expect him and seems like a fish in water. These two qualities are what give it this opportunistic (without value judgment) and unpredictable side. Gemini has no idea what he plans to do tomorrow, but he can’t wait to see what mindset will push him toward a new adventure. At least, for the start of the day. This little hummingbird side is also what gives Gemini the bad reputation of having a double face or even being fickle. We will simply say that he is always one step ahead of everyone: even himself. Believe us, the first person to be surprised by their own choices is Gemini.


Of course, Sagittarius is one of the most unpredictable in the zodiac: in their eyes, nothing is imaginable, everything is possible. His vision of things is broad, he is open-minded. Never taken by surprise, the cosmic centaur is rather the one who pulls the rug out from under the feet of others. If you’re expecting anything from them, you’re missing the point. On the other hand, you will never be disappointed with their answer to your question “What’s new?” “. At the restaurant, your Sagittarius BFF that you saw the day before yesterday will answer you: “Oh didn’t I tell you? I resigned this afternoon, tomorrow I’m flying to Japan! » With this Fire sign, no one is at the end of their surprises. The advantage is that no day is the same alongside them. They always have exciting stories to tell you, improbable whims, and unexpected crushes. The downside is that you never know if they will be on the same continent the next month. And no need to ask them, either.

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