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These Three Astrological Signs Could Change Careers This Fall

Whether it’s a change of position, company, or even profession: Autumn 2023 promises to be full of professional questions. Here are the three signs that risk changing course.

Fed up with your job? The stars support you in your reconversion project. Truth be told, fall is the perfect time to reboot. For what? The autumn equinox is synonymous with rebalancing. Perhaps the time has come to find a better balance between your private and professional life, between what entertains you and what nourishes you (literally). This fall 2023, with its retrograde of Uranus (changes, revolution) and Saturn (executives, professional life) invites us to reverse the state of things, leave our comfort zone, and explore other territories. Three astrological signs are particularly taking advantage of this celestial climate to change their professional lives. In good.


Until October 3, 2023, Uranus forms a square with Venus. If you don’t yet speak the star fluently, it’s a beautiful constructive tension between your desire to follow your values ​​and that of realizing yourself while having fun. All of which is particularly impactful for Lions who welcome Venus within them. These great lovers of the zodiac have always needed to have fun at work, to have fun tasks that stimulate them. But lately, Uranus retrograde has them asking themselves the question: “Why am I doing all this?” » Because Leo is also the sign of the inner child. The cosmic feline might wonder: “Would the child I was be proud of what I do? » And, if this is not the case, Leo’s pride and honest heart will push him to change his path.


On Tuesday, October 10, Pluto ends its retrograde. It may be a small thing for you, but for Scorpios, it means a lot. The star of the depths and metamorphosis also happens to be their godmother planet. As a result, after long months of questioning and transformation, Scorpio comes to the following conclusion: we will have to sort things out. And that also involves work. In Capricorn, Pluto questioned Scorpio on two notions: money and its financial needs but also the question of real estate and housing. Scorpio may have to make pragmatic choices this fall and change positions, companies, or professions based mainly on financial factors. Yes, there’s more to life than money, but it helps.


They tend to go in all directions without being able to target what they want: Pisces are a little lost, professionally. Normally, Saturn (responsibilities) and Neptune (dreams) retrograde in their constellation and highlight the following question: how can I make what I imagine of my professional life correspond to reality? Fortunately, this fall, Saturn returns and is back in action. On November 4, and after many questions, Pisces suddenly saw things more clearly and managed to set goals. They review their ambitions, negotiate the terms, and adjust their focus. Fortunately, Pisces, like Scorpio, benefits from the help of Mars (action, decision), from mid-October.

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