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These Three Zodiac Signs Fall In Love Before Christmas

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The run-up to Christmas will be romantic for three zodiac signs. Read here who falls head over heels in love in December.

1. Aquarius: Love is in the air

Aquarians are usually born single – their desire for freedom is simply too great to make a long-term commitment. But just before Christmas, the stars are particularly favorable for romantic encounters. Aquarius does not remain unaffected by this either. An initially completely casual flirtation can suddenly turn into something serious.

2. Leo: A passionate romance

Even when temperatures are low, lions don’t sit around at home for long. They like to go out and meet new people – for example at the Christmas market. That’s exactly where you could meet someone very special who will ignite a passion in you that warms you better than any mulled wine.

3. Virgo: An unexpected twist

The analytical Virgos like to be prepared for everything – but the zodiac sign didn’t expect this arrow from Cupid. Just before Christmas, someone you never expected will win your heart. It will turn your world upside down and bring out completely new, deep feelings within you. Guaranteed to make your heart beat under the Christmas tree!

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