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These Zodiac Signs Are In Danger Of Losing Everything And Getting Poorer This Week

The very end of February and the very beginning of March don’t offer the prettiest of month-to-month transitions for these zodiac signs. While the current week might be lucky for some, the same cannot be said for others. This is the case for these zodiac signs who are going to have to endure an uncomfortable week.

These zodiac signs could get poorer as soon as next week and find themselves penniless


Representatives of Taurus deserve to have fun and let off steam by partying. But while there’s no harm in recharging the batteries, this current week should inspire them to have a sense of proportion. We appreciate, we savor, but we also avoid being in the pure consumption of pleasures. To consume is to end up ruining yourself before you even realize it! One piece of advice: Don’t get carried away or you’ll end up with just enough money to spread butter on your rusk.

After the fire of the party, it will be necessary to know how to face what could occur because of an overflow of negligence and carelessness. If they don’t know exactly what they are doing with their money, they could end up with an empty wallet. But they won’t realize it until the day after the festivities…

We also renounce sterile expenses and we do not take risks that we cannot manage.  It may be better to spend most of your time at home for the sake of the economy…

In any case, our Taurus friends are particularly attached to their comfort and love to stay confined to their homes. In any case, as for the other signs,  only one watchword to remember: Weighting.


To survive the coming week, representatives of the sign of Scorpio must adopt two crucial principles: The first, is caution, and the second…caution too. This a tall order for a sign that is generally predisposed to let go and lacking emotional control,  sometimes allowing itself to be ruled by its impulses.  But rather than falling prey to the passion that characterizes them so much, they should find a way to tame their nature right now. It’s very easy to find yourself with a hole in your wallet when emotions take over…Out of their hinges, frustrated or stressed, Scorpios are not immune to thoughtless purchases.

On the other hand,  they can lose a fortune if they risk unnecessary bets whose only contribution is to inflate their ego. And at the same time, impoverish them… So we avoid getting involved in anything that can cause such a situation, in particular blackmail and arguments or even the obstinacy of wanting to prove our point of view.

Pride is also to be put in the background! An argument with their boss who does not value them enough, sudden impulsiveness,  and presto! Their premium has jumped…Even a good little “out” of the families is not impossible!

If they consider these details, the coming week can pass without problems if, on top of that, they make sure to spare their budgets. This is how they can avoid problems and lose income before starting a beautiful episode of renewal in the days to come.


The current week is decisive for our friends Sagittarius who will have to be attentive to what they are doing so as not to find themselves paying the price…literally. A lack of caution on the road, a violation of the rules of conduct, the big fine will be easy… So yes, Sagittarians revel in taking risks, but this is not the time not to follow all the rules. rules … And then, in any case, we prioritize safety above all!

The idea is, regardless of the context, the adventurous of the zodiac can lose something precious and particularly important to them if they are not careful. Mercury in Pisces precisely calls for vigilance.

Not being in top form in terms of budget, Sagittarians will have to ignore their desire for a change of scenery. They must content themselves with a few escapes to neighboring towns and avoid long journeys as much as possible. Same for big purchases even if they are dying to pamper themselves… Patience will therefore be the greatest virtue to have during the current week before taking advantage of more auspicious days in the same month. In short, we decelerate, we relax, and we avoid giving in to the usual temptations! Exit therefore compulsive purchases, big trips, and risk-taking. Of course, they can always lend themselves to these exercises…to the great misfortune of their financial health.

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