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These Zodiac Signs Are The Best Fathers

There are good fathers and then there are great dads who thrive in their role. Find out who belongs here.

“Dad is the greatest”, all fathers probably like to hear this sentence. Because according to the horoscope, three zodiac men can’t wait to become dads. They are reliable and loving, they always make their children laugh and support their partner wherever possible.

Even when things get chaotic, they keep an overview and help where they can. These characteristics are particularly found in the following zodiac signs.

Capricorn: rock solid

Capricorn dads are just great fathers. They are highly organized and real family managers. They drive the little ones to school, to sports or to dance lessons. Capricorn fathers are always there when their kids need them. The mother can also always rely on the Capricorn father and can sit back and relax from time to time.

Since Capricorns are also very tidy, they teach their children early on to be involved in the household: emptying the dishwasher, setting the table, and taking away their dishes – all of this is part of the job for Capricorn kids. Capricorns encourage their children without overwhelming them. Doing well in school is important to them, but they would never push their kids to do their best. Capricorns teach their children what is important in life in a playful way.

Cancer: Always a listening ear

Of course, cancer cannot be missing from the list of the best dads. If your children come home with a bad grade, they don’t have to worry about their Cancer father, because he definitely won’t be angry with them. Instead, he tries to understand where the problems lie and helps his son or daughter with their homework and studying so that the next grade is better.

Since Cancer dads are very understanding and empathetic, they quickly notice when something is wrong with their little ones. Cancer dads also have a good rapport with young people and quickly find out where the problem is. The kids confide in them and know that their dad would never say anything else. Since Cancers are very familiar, they want a large family and ideally want a whole football team.

Leo: Having fun for everyone

Lions are also really great dads. They are only too happy to make the little ones laugh and come up with a lot of things to keep their children entertained. When it’s your son or daughter’s birthday, organize a great party with everything that makes the children’s eyes shine.

Whether classic games like chocolate kiss eating contests, sack races, or unusual activities like treasure hunts (geocaching), scavenger hunts, or a llama hike – lion dads spare no expense or effort to make their child happy.

This is also reflected in the birthday present. As a rule, the children of Leo’s father cannot complain about not having enough toys. Lions are cool dads that their kids look up to. If you ask them what they want to be when they grow up, the answer is of course: “Exactly what dad is.”

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