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These Zodiac Signs Feel Better When They Put Others Down

Every person has their quirks. A bad trait, for example, is treating other people condescendingly. Whether it’s just because you’re quicker to say something than to think about it or because you want to make yourself feel better by putting others down, your star sign can provide insight. But remember: This is all about tendencies; of course, you are primarily in control of your behavior!


Virgos don’t always have it easy with their perfectionistic streak. But a Virgo’s environment also gets something here and there. Since the zodiac sign expects a lot from itself – but also from others – it quickly becomes annoyed if this standard is not met. They don’t keep their criticism to themselves, but simply let it out. That can seem pretty condescending.


Capricorn-born people are quite ambitious and always strive to achieve their goals. But they also like to extend their elbows on the way up. What does that mean? They don’t shy away from putting others down to make themselves feel better.


Those born in Aries are full of temperament and passion. If you are passionate about something, then do it right. If others get in their way or inadvertently cause the Aries to be disadvantaged, they will quickly become upset and respond with condescension.


Leo-born people are considered to be quite dominant people. They like to be the leaders of groups and show off their expertise – whether you ask for it or not. Whether it’s unsolicited advice or perhaps friendly help, in the end, the other person always has the feeling of looking stupid, as Leo gives you this feeling through his condescending manner. That doesn’t have to be the case…

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