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They Are Gifted! The Four Smartest Signs & Cheat Or Be Cheated? These Are The Most Lying Signs

There are signs endowed with special intelligence, able to help them solve the most varied everyday problems. Meet the four smartest and most cunning signs.

Being smart and smart are qualities that can be worked on, but that are often innate. There are people who seem to have a knack for quickly and simply solving problems that have long plagued others.

They are the kind of people we all like to have around, as they can always find a solution to any inconvenience or unforeseen event. Oftentimes, signs can have a role to play in this aspect and explain why there are people with a more proactive spirit than others. Get a better understanding.

They are gifted! The four smartest and most cunning signs


Gemini’s good humor is reflected in their shrewd problem-solving ability. Although it is a somewhat unstable sign, it is ruled by Mercury, which contributes to its ability to find effective and fun solutions to life’s most varied contingencies.


Virgins have a great aptitude to help everyone solve their most varied problems. Their analytical skills make them tireless workers and people capable of devoting a lot of time to solving a problem, no matter how difficult it may seem. Ruledby Mercury, like Gemini, the natives can brilliantly combine their humor with this practical and smart side.


We already know that the natives of Leão like to stand out and, therefore, it is no wonder that they are ruled by the sun. light and practical.


The natives of Aquarius are quite smart and shrewd. Sometimes the way they look at things can be surprising, but that’s what makes them agile at problem-solving. They are fully capable of thinking outside the box and this is one of their great qualities when solving daily challenges.

Cheat or be cheated? These are the most lying signs

There are signs more lying than others and some tolerate lying better than others. Cheat or be cheated? These are the most lying signs.

Lying is a defect, although there are bigger lies and smaller lies; as well as more innocent lies and more serious ones. Although we can say that everyone is capable of lying, there are signs that resort to the ruse more often than others. Also, there are some signs that react particularly badly when they feel cheated. Get to know the most lying signs of the Zodiac.

Cheat or be cheated? These are the most lying signs


The Aries/Aries is the least lying sign of the Zodiac. In fact, he is well known for his sincerity, honesty and directness. Therefore, the natives of this sign do not tolerate lies and deal very poorly with the fact of being deceived.


Capricorns don’t usually resort to lying either. But sometimes it can hide some more inconvenient truth, let’s say. Like the Aries, Capricorns do not tolerate mistakes either.


Known for their love of the truth, the Sagittarius native only lies when he feels this is the best option. Overall, it’s honest and sincere.


The natives of Aquarius believe that a little lie is preferable to a hard and cruel truth. They like jokes and being deceived, as long as it is not in a serious or harmful way.


Crabs/Cancers are very sensitive and easily hurt. Therefore, lying to these signs may not be a good idea, unless that little mistake serves to hide a harder or harder truth for him to accept.


Taurus doesn’t like lies, not least because it boasts of being a pretty straightforward sign. However, when matters are more complicated or delicate, he often resorts to innuendo or mincing words. On the other hand, it is not convenient to do the same with him, because the natives of this sign prefer to be told the truths objectively and bluntly.


Pisces don’t deliberately lie, but as they are very creative and fanciful they can add some ingredients to the real story. He doesn’t like being tricked, nor does he like to see other people being purposely tricked.


Scorpio natives don’t like to be cheated, especially on a loving level, but they are known as one of the signs that don’t think twice before launching a lie or rumor.


Virgo is a serious sign and is not very playful. He’s not in the habit of hiding information, but that doesn’t mean he’s telling the blunt truth. He hates being lied to, and once that happens, it’s very difficult to regain his confidence.


“Whoever tells a tale, adds a point!” This is the motto of Libras/Libra that can distort the truth a little. However, he does not usually do this with the intention of hurting others. Unlike most signs, Libra’s natives more easily accept and forgive those who lie to them.


The Gemini/Gemini like to play pranks and spear little lies. He also easily forgives those who lie to him, always knowing how to escape when he is caught cheating.


The Lion loves the truth and demands it from everyone. However, don’t expect the same sincerity and honesty from him. Let’s say that the natives of Leo are very adept at managing information and the truth, in order to get the most out of it, without harming themselves. If it is necessary to lie, let him lie!

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