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This Is How The Zodiac Signs Behave When Love Leaves

How to understand that your partner’s feelings have faded? Read this article about the signs of the zodiac.

How do the signs of the zodiac behave when love leaves


If Aries wants to do the usual things for the two of you alone, then your relationship is doomed. He is full of energy and always busy with something, but before he wanted to do everything together. If Aries has started choosing his friends over you or is trying to make sure that you cannot keep him company, then his heart is no longer yours.


The fact that Taurus has fallen out of love with you is indicated by his closeness. It took him a long time to fully open up to you. If this door begins to close again, then love is no more.


The indifference of the Gemini speaks of their boredom. This is one of the most inquisitive signs of the zodiac. Most of all, in love, they like the process of its inception, but as soon as they fell in love, Gemini begins to think that they can no longer get anything new from you. When relationships cease to be like an exciting adventure and slide into a routine, those born under this sign leave.


You can understand the imminent end by the fact that his family began to avoid you. Cancerians tell their families everything and always count on their support and approval. Their family knows even before you that your relationship has come to an end, and therefore they are trying to discreetly move away from you.


In the case of the Lions, you should alert them to their search for other sources of admiration. Leos love to be the center of attention and you are usually the main source of it. If your partner is looking elsewhere for that attention, then he doesn’t love you anymore. Leos cool off towards their soulmate if they feel underestimated.


The imminent parting with the Virgos is indicated by their constant criticism of you. Virgos tend to be very harsh on themselves, but if there is no more love, that harshness is directed at you. Libra will try to make you feel like you’re not good enough when you aren’t and they just want to keep a spark that has been extinguished a long time ago.


Libra’s love begins to die when they want more freedom and time for themselves. As a rule, these people tend to constantly be close to their partners. They don’t like being alone. If they begin to demand independence, then their feelings for you are fading.


In Scorpio, you should be alerted by his excessive honesty and openness. He will tell you absolutely everything and expects the same openness in return. Scorpios aren’t used to hiding their feelings or pretending they still love their partner when they don’t. Such a person will say directly if and when he stopped loving you.


Sagittarius will simply stop talking to you. He needs a fun and carefree partner, but as soon as the situation takes a serious turn or he feels pressure on himself, this person will immediately close in on himself. Sagittarius will start to pull away, losing touch with you more and more.


The fact that Capricorn no longer loves you is indicated by his sudden focus not on relationships, but on some other area of ​​\u200b\u200bhis life, be it work, passion, or hobby. He will work on them day and night, using this as an explanation for his sudden detachment.


The fact that Aquarius no longer loves you is indicated by the gradual “cutting out” of you from his life. Aquarians are unemotional creatures, so don’t expect them to be gentle on this matter. You will know that it’s all over if your partner stops looking for opportunities to spend time with you and share the news with you. Aquarius will not discuss problems, preferring at some point to abruptly break off relations.


Having cooled off towards their partner, Pisces simply stop working on relationships. In the behavior of representatives of this sign, cute signs of attention disappear, whether it be a love note left on the mirror, flowers delivered to your workplace, or random declarations of love.

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