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Each of us gives a different picture of how the zodiac signs are, and although sometimes most things are true, we are very tired of enduring the same comments as always … Here we show you that every sign of the zodiac is fed up :


Aries is very tired of not stopping to tell him that he has a bad temper, that he is an impatient person and that they only know how to mention his impulsiveness. It seems that people only see them as defects when in reality it is what makes Aries special, what makes Aries the leader of every situation. Yes, Aries has a great genius, but it is what we all need to fight in life, we should learn from Aries, because he knows very well. In short, it is up to the noses that they take their way of being like something bad, go and go to hell, but many would like to be like Aries.


Taurus is very tired of always saying his / her pampering, that if he is very stubborn, that if he is not able to make a minimum effort, that he does not change his mind, blah blah blah, nothing but shit … As if he / she didn’t know how it is … What happens is that many people do not understand that sometimes it is necessary to be like that because otherwise life eats you. Taurus what you want is to make sure that everything you do is useful for something, so if you put something in your head it will take a long time to change your mind. But how envious people are, more than one would like to have the security that Taurus has in his ideas …


Gemini is very tired of not stopping to throw him in the face that always starts things that then never ends. Will they care much what Gemini does with his life? Go and go to hell. Gemini is a person who is passionate about learning new things and when the occasion presents itself, he does it. When something new begins and he does it with a lot of enthusiasm, but in the end everything ends up boring him because his mind needs to be stimulated and with the routine he does not … Fuck, it is not so strange that you do not like to live in a constant routine, right Gemini ?


Cancer is very tired of everyone seeing him as a victim who does not stop crying instead of doing something to change his life. It is up to the nose that being more sensitive than others can laugh at him / her that way. If Cancer cries it is because he can not like others … and it is not bad, to see if it is clear of a damn time, that it seems that many envy it too much. Cancer is a person who feels everything with great intensity and more would like some to feel 1% of what Cancer feels, go and fuck them….


Leo is very tired of always being related to self-centeredness, who does not like being the center of attention, fuck, what happens that Leo is the only one who admits it? Of course, he likes to be admired and to worry about him / her, but all in its proper measure. It is up to the noses of being put here as if it were a God (possibly). Leo would love to see that reign imposed on him more useful for others to notice how he / she takes care of his own. Yes, Leo loves being the center of attention, but fuck, how tired you are some …

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Virgo is very fed up that they only know how to say that he has strange hobbies, that he only likes cleanliness and perfection … What happens that others like to live in a garbage dump? What Virgo likes is that everything goes well, just as he had planned, that does not mean that when things go wrong, his nails are being ripped off … He simply likes things to be done well. Who doesn’t? Virgo has better things that make unnecessary tantrums and is very clear. Watch what you like to exaggerate some … Go and go to hell.


Libra is very tired of hearing about being the most indecisive person in the world, that he is … but … Is it necessary to repeat it at all times? It is not that Libra is going around all day nonsense as to what color the nails are going to be painted or what outfit is going to be put on the next day, which too…. The important indecisions of Libra are given when they are important decisions and he thinks that the most normal thing in the world is to think things twice before throwing himself into a vacuum. Let’s see if now the only person who thinks about his future is Libra … Go and fuck them …


Scorpio is very tired of being told that he is the baddest of the zodiac, because that is not the case. It is true that Scorpio hides the darkest revenges of the whole zodiac, but that does not mean that this fact of evil to see if it becomes clear at once … When Scorpio feels betrayed he feels a lot of pain and the only way to getting him out of his mind is planning a revenge … What happens now that he is the only one to avenge? It is up to the noses that when others see him they want to run away and don’t want to relate to him / her, although it is not that he really needs it either… that they go to hell.


Sagittarius is tired of being told that he is always lucky, to fuck, that it is not that he is lucky, that things are done and period. All that Sagittarius achieves is on its own merit and it is up to the noses of always being told “you have a flower in your ass”, the flower will have them because it will end up putting it Sagittarius. He is also fed up that when something goes wrong he is told that it is because he is a crazy head … We are going to see, everyone ever goes wrong, stop justifying it with their desire to live life. Sagittarius prefers to experiment to remain in doubt like others … shit cowards.


Capricorn is very, very tired of everyone thinking that he lives for and for the office, that is related to the computer and that he can’t stop thinking about work. Let’s see, Capricorn cares a lot about his goals and struggles hard to bequeath them, but from there to live at work is to exaggerate a lot. It is up to the noses of not having him / her directly because they think he will be working … Capricorn knows that he has to work hard to later enjoy life … Capricorn is very tired of all those irresponsible people who only dedicate themselves to criticize him , give them …


Aquarius is very tired of being told that he is the weirdo of the zodiac. Simply Aquarius knows how to think for himself / herself and does not need to follow any fashion as others do … He prefers to live his life in his own way without being tied to anything or anyone, but of course if you do not do what others do you are the / the weirdo… blessed patience the one that Aquarius has to have because if it were for him / her I would have already sent more than one to hell. Aquarius is a free being and as such he lives in freedom without the need to control anything or anyone and of course he will not consent to being controlled, be careful with that because if you try you can end up very badly … Right Aquarius?


Pisces is very tired of being told that he is always in the clouds, that he is always in his world … Pisces is clear that he is special, but when he has to be on earth he knows how to put his feet in it. It is up to the noses of being told that he is an irresponsible person who would have to think a little more about the future and not constantly be in the worlds of yupi … Pisces has a very clear thing, he knows that the future is important, but more important It is the present and if he / she wants to dream what he is going to do, life is two days and he will not be bitter about shitty people that all he does is hit everything …

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