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Today’s Horoscope 10th June 2023


For you Aries, the nocturnal star passes through the House of the Unconscious on this weekend day. If taking advantage of the weekend, you want to play sports and pay attention to your lower limbs, which can cause problems. In love, don’t be too dreamy: you will enjoy more with your feet on the ground!


On this weekend day, our satellite is at a convenient time for you Taurus! The people closest to you will be very happy to hear your speeches, which are characterized by an empathy that not everyone can offer. You are generous and well-loved.


For you, Geminis, a difficult aspect of the nocturnal star continues on this weekend day. If someone criticizes you, don’t be too sensitive and take it constructively. On this occasion, you might even learn something useful!


On this weekend day, there is a harmonious aspect of the night star for Cancer. Dedicate yourself to something you like: you are very creative and can achieve something you didn’t expect to achieve. You will be noticed by someone who loves original people.


For your Fire sign, the Moon is in the House of Metamorphosis, on this first day of the weekend… Your attitude is much less fixated on details and allows you to have a certain overview. You know how to grasp the most important aspects of what is happening.


A difficult aspect of the Moon continues, for your Earth sign, this Saturday… In love, as with family members, clearer decisions must be made. If you’re too indecisive about anything with your partner, he’ll think you’re not involved enough.


Today, through your sign of Air, our satellite transits through the astrological house of passion… Saturday’s tasks will be faced with a certain sensitivity. You will have deep, almost spiritual thoughts that will allow you to find your way out of a puzzle.


Today, the nocturnal star is in positive transit, for Scorpio. You are very sensitive and you notice if something is wrong. From a discussion with a loved one, it will emerge that there are many ideas that you can pursue together. In love, there are different adventures.


Today, for you Sagittarius, a complicated position of our satellite followed. You need to be a little firmer when you have to have your say on a topic that is close to your heart. Indecision won’t let you take any steps forward even though sometimes it seems difficult to expose yourself…


There is a comfortable position of the night star, in the favorable day for your sign… You will know how to take all the situations without getting distracted by the details, and giving everything the right weight. You also know how to be equidistant, almost transcendental, in judging a serious fact.


On the day of the week that is favorable for you, our satellite transits in the second Field, for you in Aquarius… There will be a certain understanding with older friends. In love, you will be quite romantic, and your loved one will have more desire to communicate with you.


Our satellite is still in serene conjunction, with the Minnows, on this weekend day… Your intuition allows you to understand which way the wind is blowing and how you can get good economic satisfaction. A hobby of yours can now become something profitable.

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