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Today’s Horoscope 11th August 2023


Today, Aries will have to lead a mobile lifestyle, maintain the contacts necessary for the situation or follow the news. The most troublesome may be the beginning of the day when the echoes of yesterday’s events will be strong. Fortunately, this day will also bring pleasant moments. Enjoy your personal life. By evening, the fuss will begin to subside, but confusion may increase, and there may be moments of misunderstanding or deceit over trifles.


Today, the stars advise Taurus to deal with routine current affairs, postponing major projects and serious undertakings until a more appropriate time. Mindfulness in material matters does not interfere, otherwise, you can be fascinated by the pleasant aspects of the situation and not notice the hidden catch in it. This is especially important if you are planning home purchases or key purchases related to plans.


Gemini will meet this day in the wake of yesterday’s events, they may turn out to be irritable after a sleepless night and forced troubles. The stars remind you that in this state it is easy to make a mistake, including a professional one. Having coped with the list of urgent work, it is better not to take on new tasks. The pleasant aspects of the situation will help relieve stress, it can be love, creativity, or children.


Cancers should take into account that the situation today may remain unstable and uncertain until the night. Misunderstandings are possible on the way and when sending letters, doubts, and moments of dependence on people and circumstances. Not the best day to start, choosing a route, mode of transport, or means of communication. It is good to absorb impressions and look for material for reflection. Small pleasant purchases are possible.


On this day, the stars advise Leos to refrain from making precise plans for the near and distant future. The atmosphere of this day is conducive to pleasant illusions; behind individual iridescent details, you can miss an insidious hidden trap with a delicious “bait”. Friends may willingly share your entertainment with you, but let you down in current affairs. You can make a mistake with the choice of a team for joint work.


Today, Virgos should remain purposeful, but not act ahead. It is doubly important to avoid reckless impulses in the morning: on a wave of nervousness or excitement, it is easy to fall into a trap, ruin your reputation or complicate relationships with the right people. The closer the evening, the higher the risk of a strategic mistake. Having completed the most pressing tasks, it is better to slow down the activity and not take on new things.


Today, the stars advise Libra not to panic in confusing circumstances and to believe in the best (in love, healing). Despite the possible misconceptions or misunderstandings that this day is generous for, the outcome of events promises to be favorable or at least tolerable. In extreme cases, a delay sufficient to correct the situation shortly will be obtained. Acute situations will be mitigated by something.


Scorpions should not forget about the relaxing psychological impact of this day, which in certain situations can be critical for them. If you succumb to an illusion or the pleasant atmosphere of the moment, it is easy to miss not only a hidden catch but also an obvious mistake, fraught with quick or delayed problems. Self-deception in love is possible. It is better not to engage in important matters and financial transactions.


Today, the stars advise Sagittarians to maintain pleasant non-business relationships, since they will have the least problems. It can be communication with a loved one, a child, or a distant spiritual soul mate. In all other situations, sharp disagreements will remain and the temptation to behave not entirely honestly will be added to them, deceit or intrigue may be hidden behind a smile and courtesy.


Today, Capricorns should take into account the likelihood of deception, negligence, or confusion in the details. There is a great risk of encountering incompetence or a tendency to “varnish” the unsightly aspects of the situation. The last scenario is undesirable, since the problem will still have to be dealt with one day, and the fixing process can become costly. This is not the best time for treatment, or for looking for work or services.


This day invites Aquarius to respond more gently to current difficulties and to find a balance between business and pleasant aspects of life. The morning will not necessarily be harmonious, but by the evening creative inspiration may appear, and there may be a reason for romantic communication or relaxation. You will probably want to let things take their course, turn a blind eye to some details, or postpone work for another time.


Pisces should remember that today they easily fall into their illusions and may not notice it themselves. Until the night, the probability of forgetfulness or absent-mindedness will remain, household and professional mistakes, miscalculations in business relations, and moments of unfortunate misunderstanding with loved ones are not ruled out. Some Pisces will be in doubt and fear, afraid to repulse external influences.

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