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Today’s Horoscope 11th June 2023


Pluto returns retrograde in an uncomfortable position for Arietini from this day of rest. This is a major change! Beware, in the coming months, of a residue of slowness, which could damage you both in love and your professional life. Try to show more commitment.


On this last day of the weekend, for you, Torelli, Pluto shows itself in an advantageous transit! The planet is retrograde and makes you much more conciliatory than you have shown yourself in recent months. You can get back on good terms with someone who suddenly drifted apart.


Starting this Sunday, Pluto returns to the eighth house, for you Gemini! The slower star adds a little spice to everyday life and family relationships. You may receive some very important information that you did not expect until very recently.


On this day, for you Cancers, a complicated aspect of Pluto is forming, which is retrograde and a little annoying. We need to be more open to the outside world. A person you like finds you a little too reserved with them and stays away from you more than you would like…


Starting with the lucky day for your sign, Pluto is in the Field of Desire, for you Leo… This is an important transit, which you have been waiting for for a while. The star comes out of a difficult position and moves some relationships that had become stale.


Pluto transits in favorable transit, for you Virgos, from the day dedicated to rest… In the coming weeks, you will be quite empathetic and will be able to understand situations that previously escaped you. Now there are opportunities to improve all relationships, becoming more protagonists.


For you Libras, Pluto comes out of the trine and finds itself in a dissonant position, starting this Sunday… Be careful not to appear cold and calculating in the coming weeks. Try to put more heart into everything you do. You would benefit from it in every context.


For you Scorpios, Pluto is in a favorable aspect starting today. This is a very important aspect, long-lasting although retrograde. Your attitude is less contemptuous and more tolerant. It allows you to know many important opinions.


Pluto is found, for Sagittarius, in the house of material goods, starting today! The star comes out of a favorable position and makes economic life a little more laborious. Try not to be too pessimistic when it comes to money… just like in family life.


For your Earth sign, there is a tasty Pluto aspect, starting this Sunday… The star returns to your sign and continues to give you the desire to renew everything by doing it better. You are diligent and almost tireless in your work of improvement.


For your Air sign, Pluto reappears in the House of the Unconscious, on the day dedicated to rest… There is a small step back from the renovations that had taken place in recent months. Some beautiful ideas that were coming your way will have to find you more patients.


This Sunday, Pluto returns in favorable transit for you Pisces… in recent months, you have been a bit eccentric in your way of communicating. From today, you will go back to using the right diplomacy, which allows you to obtain – from others – much more measurable results.

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