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Today’s Horoscope 11th May 2023


The Moon is in positive transit, for you Aries, from today. You will be very original in your thoughts. You will know how to express your opinions in an overall convincing way and finally, you will get people on your side in a dispute that is close to your heart.


Today, a difficult position of our satellite is starting, for Taurus… You are a bit opinionated, and we are surprised by this unusual characteristic of yours. You have to show, in your profession as well as at home, that you know how to be humble and learn from any situation.


Starting today, there is a nice Moon aspect for Gemini. Your honesty is appreciated both in your professional and private life. You can clarify an interpersonal situation that seemed too tangled to you in recent weeks.


Your patron star is, for Cancer, in the House of Sexuality, starting today… Three long days are over in which the star was in opposition and made you inoperative. Now you have what it takes to become protagonists both in love and in your profession.


Today, the Moon is showing in opposition, to your Fire sign! Don’t make the mistake of making it appear that you don’t need anyone’s help. In reality, both in private projects and in business matters, a hand would be very useful. In feelings, show yourself more involved.


Our satellite is, for you Virgos, in the House of Health and Work, starting today! You will know how to get by with any activity to be completed. Both work and emotional and erotic matters will work well. You will live in serenity!


Today, for you Librans, our satellite enters a comfortable transit. Your intelligence shines through in everything you do and leads you to improve not only the way you work but also how you relate to the most important people in your life.


Today, our satellite presents itself in a difficult disposition for your Water sign. Try to talk at length with the people you care about before proposing certain ideas of yours, especially if you know they don’t know them. Limit the margin of unpredictability…


For you Sagittarius, the nocturnal star is in comfortable transit, starting from the lucky day for your sign! You are awake and completing tasks that didn’t always seem so simple. Your loved one is fascinated by your quick and effective way of thinking.


Our satellite is in the Field of Money, for you Capricorns, starting today… Your way of handling money is a bit eccentric. You can spend lavishly, then save on things that don’t make a difference. Be more predictable.


For your Air sign, the nocturnal star is in a pleasant conjunction, starting from this day… A period of misunderstandings is therefore over and you can enjoy a day in which new ideas come to you to improve your existence professional and to feel better with your partner.


Starting from the lucky day for your sign, the night star is, for your sign of Water, in the House of secret enemies! Be careful not to get distracted by the highlights of the day. It takes more attention to detail, so as not to pass for superficial people.

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