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“For Aries, a disharmonious lunar position is starting. If things don’t seem to be going too well, don’t worry; soon, everything will turn out for the best. Now you demand to meet new people, yet you can’t say who really can interest you… so waste your time!”


You will be rather sought after, in a situation that has erotic implications… The Moon is in the Field of exaltation, for you exponents of Taurus! Each situation will proceed as you see fit: you will appear invaluably attentive to detail and ready to face the most difficult facts.


The Moon passes in a harmonious moment, for you Gemini, as the mid-January weekend approaches. People close to you will get the impression that you’re quite witty and funny. He will want to hang out with you more intensely. Do not deny her this undoubted pleasure!


Today, for you Cancers, an improvident position of the nocturnal star is starting… Why don’t you try to use a little less aggressiveness? You cannot identify what adventure you pretend to live, although you aspire to make a particular circumstance…


With the backing of your independence, you’ll be able to charm a type of person your friends have always found elusive! When you are with people who you date on your own, or who you see when they struggle, you will earn appreciation. You will look very awake…


Our satellite passes through Campo dei soldi, at the gates of the weekend. In the monetary sphere, a new profitable and low-tiring business is approaching. Be quick to take advantage of the possibilities that lie ahead. Otherwise, another person watching you closely will do it.


There is a beautiful conjunction of the night star, starting from the lucky day for your sign! In all contexts: professional, study, and private life, the possibility of embarking on a path that excites you could begin. It is useful to take advantage without hesitation of what is proposed to you.


As far as you Scorpions are concerned, the nocturnal star passes through the House of secret enemies, starting today. Be prudent in front of people who would aspire to steal what you like… No matter how many people oppose you, you will achieve what makes you happy!


You can enjoy a lot of luck, with who you like, with the support of your happy disposition of spirit, and with your independence… Your favorite people will find you quite intelligent and you will earn certificates of esteem in practically all the different areas of life.


A complicated position of our satellite is underway. For you to look as tantalizing as ever, a little more modesty is needed. Even though you dream of experiencing particular people, you are not able to choose who you really would like to go with!


Open-mindedness allows you to conquer points of arrival that you found complex until a few days ago… Both in sentimental and professional matters, you will discover that you are considered witty and likable. Intelligence will allow you to take great steps forward.


For you Little Fishes, the nocturnal star enters the astrological house of rejuvenation on this day. Common life will change for the better in a period when it seemed hardly imaginable. They will become simpler interpersonal relationships that have driven you, even recently, crazy.

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