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Today’s Horoscope 13th March 2023


On this day, for the Arietini, our satellite presents itself in a tasty aspect. When you return to your daily duties, you will receive compliments that seemed very unlikely last week. You will know how to win over someone who has been disdainful of you lately.


Even Sunday sees you a little too grumpy, even with your loved one! For your Earth sign, a difficult position of the nocturnal star continues today. If someone says something you don’t like, be more tolerant and less aggressive.


This Sunday, our satellite is, for Gemini, still (and cheerfully) in the House of Health and Work… Anyone who has recently felt lazier than usual has the opportunity to recover and resume an activity (also physical) which will be good for both the body and the mind.


For your Water sign, a tasty position from your star governor continues on the day dedicated to relaxation… Your way of presenting yourself has improved. You will know how to attract someone who, in addition to substance, is interested in an interesting shape like yours.


A period continues in which your patience is put to the test. The nocturnal star is in an unpleasant position, for you Leoncini, on a day favorable for your sign… However, don’t let jealousy dominate when you judge a person you don’t understand one hundred percent.


A period continues in which it is worth taking a step forward in emotional and erotic life. A positive position of the nocturnal star is in progress, for Virgo, on this last day of the weekend… There will be winking glances if you want to be seen at the pub with friends.


Relationships with long-time friends become stronger and allow you to obtain important information in the short term. The Moon is in the Second Field for your Air sign on the day of rest. Communicate with the sharpest people you know.


A period continues in which important relationships for your life are renewed. For Scorpio, a pleasant conjunction of the nocturnal star still occurs, on the day dedicated to rest. You’ll know how to involve a person you love but don’t see much lately.


You are possessive as you rarely are. Why do you want to ruin your Sunday? If you let your loved one breathe, you’ll be able to do something pretty fun together! For your Fire sign, the Moon is always in the astrological house of tests to be overcome, on the day of rest.


On this day, for you Capricorns, a positive disposition of the night star persists. Sunday will be characterized by a certain degree of sensuality, which will be positively noticed by those who already know you, and by a new individual, who will be pleasantly surprised!


You are too jealous of a person who is just calmly living his life, and that shouldn’t cause any concern. The nocturnal star is in an unpleasant position for you Aquarius this Sunday! The people you like best may drift away if you overdo it.


“Sunday is made for resting; however, it would be appropriate to make yourself look good in the eyes of someone you know little but would like to know much better! For you Pisces, our satellite is in a tasty aspect, on a day dedicated to relaxation. A little ‘of vanity won’t hurt…”

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