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Today’s Horoscope 16th August 2023

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Today, it is better for Aries to postpone the daily routine, except for very urgent ones. Attention is riveted on self-realization, for example, as a parent, a creative person, or a popular person. The main event of the day can be associated with a specific person or project that is given love or resources are invested in. The role to be played will be unusual, but enjoyable.


Today, the attention of many Taurus is held by an important event in their home or a close circle: family, friendly, creative. Often this will be a specific person who is given the attention of others and around whom everything “revolves”. Some Taurus will find themselves at the center of their family or company. But it can also be someone else, such as a child, an attractive guest, or an adorable pet.


Today, Gemini can count on the continuation of yesterday’s events and their participation in them. Most Geminis will not need to urgently return to their home, office, or production site. You should not deprive yourself of additional exciting minutes, the opportunity to have fun, immerse yourself in creativity or be in the company of children, friends, or the object of your romantic sympathies.


Today, for Cancers, the possibility of unexpected pleasant spending and equally unexpected finds will remain. These days, it is better to give and give, and not to acquire and save, but there are exceptions. Perhaps there will be a prize, a gift, an advance, or a belated thank you. Significant spending for the sake of loved ones, children, and friends. There is an element of unpredictability in investments: the forecast is encouraging, but the return will have to wait.


Today, the Lions are in an extraordinary situation: they want to be in the center of events, receive love and indulge their whims, while the rhythms of fate hint that it is useful for them to be alone with themselves and engage in self-determination (especially in terms of appearance, love, finances, and career). Many Leos will attract attention with their bright extravagant image, it is important for them not to become prisoners of a false image.


Today, Virgos can be involved in someone else’s game and remain hostages of the role imposed on them until the night. Even in the case of the brightest external plots, the main events are more likely in the inner life, in the process of searching for one’s true individuality. Many Virgos are aware of a fatal attachment to a particularly attractive person or to a tempting project that secretly “pumps out” their energy.

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This day will encourage Libra, but will not give them complete certainty in the future. Many Libras will be concerned not only with their plans and freedom of personal creativity. It will also be important for them to be confident in the future of their children, in the loyalty of friends, the generosity of sponsors, or the potential of a team project with which they associate their self-realization. The most important moments are expected in the morning.


Today, Scorpios need attention, especially in moments of surprise, so as not to choose an attractive but dubious target. A specific person or even a fictitious image may act as a “tempter”, for example, a character in a virtual game or a commercial. Not the best moment to choose a permanent reliable profession. It is desirable to pay attention to children, their teachers, and friends.


Today, for many Sagittarians, the role they hope to play, a foreign land where they dream of being in demand, or a distant love with which they associate their happiness remains a magnet. The spiritual life and the identity of the mentor or teacher may be important. Despite the positive moments of this day, it is fraught with a share of temptation and deceit, for example, the idealization of other cultures is not ruled out.


Today, Capricorns should beware of the insidiousness of fate and some character traits, especially the tendency to get carried away. There is a risk of veiled traps, including financial and ethical ones. Mistakes are possible with the best of intentions. A specific person or image can play a fatal role. It is not you who can fall into the trap, but someone close, for example, your passion or child, friend, or relative.


The stars tell Aquarius that today it is better for them to give the initiative to others. It makes sense to be sympathetic to someone else’s pride and ambition, strange tastes and habits. If you are interested in the attention of the public and are in the public eye, you will have to adjust to other people’s expectations, which can make you nervous at times. The events of this day can turn into a surprise, especially in personal relationships.


Today, the stars do not advise Pisces to make important decisions, as they may soon be revised. The higher the confidence in a lucky find, the greater the risk of subsequent disappointment. It is worth delaying the choice of specific things, places of work, and treatment, as well as a specific person, for example, a doctor, fellow traveler, or subordinate. It may be tempting to view the person as a function.

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