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Today’s Horoscope 17th August 2023


The stars tell Aries that it’s time to get back to current affairs, but they advise you to do it carefully. It is better not to take a high pace, not to set super-complex tasks for yourself and your assistants, and not to expand the field of activity without a good reason. All of the above should be postponed until the evening or tomorrow, and first, clarify the plans and identify hidden vulnerabilities in them. Haste is fraught with failure or annoying negligence.


This day allows Taurus to “move away” from recent events and again smoothly turn on the mode of useful work that is relevant to them. However, you should not immediately expect brilliant results, it is better to start with something simpler, for example, with a small gentle warm-up instead of a full workout or a large field of work. It is important to continue to believe in your luck, talents, and authority, as well as in your friends.


Today, the Gemini will again plunge into current affairs, remembering about their official or family responsibilities. It will be difficult to quickly and effectively engage in work. There may be delays, checks, errors, obstacles, and misunderstandings. In the morning there is a possibility of negligence, indiscipline, laziness, ailments, and doubts. It is better to confine ourselves to clarifying the work plan and careful preparation for them.


Today, Cancer plans may include active contacts or targeted business trips, but not everything will go smoothly. In any plan, including sending on a long journey and paperwork, interference can occur. There may be delays, cancellations, delays, complicating the journey, and disappointment as a result. The stars advise not to abandon the planned program, but to postpone non-urgent chores for the evening or tomorrow.


Today, the stars are advising Leos to take a break from their plans and take a break from fulfilling their desires. The circumstances of this day force you to pay attention to the routine and remind you that everyday affairs require effort. It is better to start things with an assessment of the existing material base, showing caution, meticulousness, and frugality. In the morning, responsible work and payments are undesirable.


Today it is time for Virgos to tune in to work, communication, traveling, and intense intellectual activity, but many of them will face an obstacle due to which they will not be able to immediately get involved in work, study, or conversation. External barriers are possible in the form of silence or absence of the right people, checks, refusals, or delays. By the evening the situation will improve, but it is better to postpone the main things for tomorrow.


Today, circumstances may force Libra to give up their hobbies or postpone them. The reason for going into the shadows or immersing yourself in business may be official or domestic necessity, in some cases – well-being. Due to the abrupt transition from pleasant free time to forced chores and restrictions, a moment of despondency is possible, and the necessary work will not go very efficiently.


Scorpios should remember that today they can experience a moment of skepticism, a misunderstanding, or an unfortunate delay at the start of any business. Scorpios, who tend to be optimistic in any situation, may face the negligence of their friends, colleagues, or assistants. Part of the day may be spent waiting or overcoming the obstacles that have arisen, but by the evening there will again be hope for productive work or communication.


The stars tell Sagittarius that today it is better for them to put service or household duties, family or professional plans in the first place. To minimize mistakes and misunderstandings, it is worth devoting the morning to clarifying the problem, clarifying the rules, studying instructions, and identifying hidden traps: taking up a task without proper preparation, it is easy to make a strategic mistake on this day.


Today, the thoughts of Capricorns are redirected to a productive channel, but at the start of any business, they may encounter a hitch. They may have to reschedule the start of their trip or wait to be contacted. Misunderstandings and delays in contact with foreigners are not ruled out. There is a risk of getting lost, late, or confused. It is important not to lose faith in your talents and knowledge, by the evening everything will start to improve.


Stars tell Aquarius that today the little things come to the fore and it is better to work with them. To begin with, it does not hurt to make a general assessment of the situation: perhaps some of the problems are hidden and meticulousness is needed to detect them in time. You should not start at random: it is better to have at least a rough plan, diagnosis, or instruction on hand, and the circumstances will prompt the further style of action.


Today, incredulity prevents Pisces from building productive cooperation. They may keep their distance where it is unnecessary and be afraid to sign a lucrative contract. Perhaps they will rely on their experience, which is not always successful, or on their professional principles, which dictate to them to be more careful. Sometimes their restraint and modesty may hide a lack of competence.

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