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Today’s Horoscope 17th March 2023


As the weekend approaches, an advantageous aspect to the Moon sets in, for you Aries… You look very smart. Show your original ideas to people who judge your work in the profession! Someone has ears to hear.


For you Torelli, there is an unpleasant position of our satellite, starting with the lucky day for your sign. There will be times when you are not very practical. You feel very dreamy in this period. But be careful not to forget the needs of those who love you.


The nocturnal star passes in positive transit, for your Air sign, as the weekend approaches! There are new ideas and there is the desire to start a new adventure! The people you work with will think you’re smarter than average and agree with you.


The Moon transits the House of Reform, starting today! Now that Venus is no longer difficult for your sign, it’s time to show yourself around. The weekend starts tonight: even if you’re tired, it’s worth having a word with someone pleasant.


Your ideas risk appearing a bit far-fetched. Now that the weekend is approaching, there is a complicated position of the night star for you Leos… Before committing yourself to something, ask yourself sincerely if you want to complete it. Don’t be afraid to give up!


Practical things will be easier for you. This applies not only to the profession, but also (and above all) later, at home, and even between the sheets! Now that the weekend is approaching, our satellite transits, for you Virgos, in the House of Health and Work…


For Libra, there is a favorable position of the night star, starting from the lucky day for your sign. Your intelligence is clear and allows you to stand out from the crowd. Bosses think of you differently. You will know how to intrigue someone you like a lot.


There is an unpleasant aspect of our satellite, for you Scorpios, as the weekend approaches… You have to appear more rational. You tend to make decisions that are dictated more by intuition than by facts. Are you sure this is the right way to approach the profession?


Your inventiveness allows you to organize, for the weekend, some activity that will interest both you and a person who expects your move to spend quality time in your company. For you Sagittarius, the Moon is in a pleasant transit, to take advantage of…


There are many ideas, but you have to learn to put them in order and to give the right temporal priorities. Our satellite is, for you Capricorns, in the house of material goods, starting today. Don’t try to do everything together: doing everything in time will be better than him.


A period of pleasant renewal begins, which will allow you to better enjoy all the contexts of your existence. There is a suggestive conjunction of our satellite, for you Aquarius, as the weekend approaches! The people you like find you better.


A weekend in which, especially at work, it has not been easy to keep promises. As the weekend approaches, for you Pisces, the Moon shows itself in the astrological House of hidden adversities. Don’t make claims that will later be difficult to prove or maintain.

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