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Today’s Horoscope 17th September 2023


On this day, Aries needs to value good relationships and try to maintain them in a harmonious phase. At the slightest sign of dissatisfaction or bad mood on the part of a partner or client, it is better to curtail communication and wait until the clouds clear. On this day, you should be extremely careful about making new connections; it is better to deliberately avoid them. It is not advisable to sign an agreement and act as a guarantor.


Today, the stars recommend Taurus to be more attentive to details, especially ethical, aesthetic, and legal. The risk of errors when performing cosmetic procedures, exchanging services, or drawing up an agreement on joint activities or ownership increases. If there is a reason for questions or complaints, it is better not to rush to discuss them and postpone clarification of critical details until tomorrow.


On this day, the stars help Gemini maintain peace of mind, but it is unlikely to be ideal. Annoying details related to relationships, creativity, or children can spoil your inner harmony. Perhaps your vacation will be overshadowed by something, or a date or other event will end on an unsuccessful note. Many Geminis will be confronted with residual traces of their personal or collective past.


Today, the stars recommend Cancers double their self-control and diplomacy since the loss of mental balance can be unsafe: you can inadvertently revive old enmity, add disagreements in the family, marriage, or business relationships, and aggravate mutual claims in common territory. It is better to exclude initiatives on this day, especially joint ones. It is not advisable to engage in real estate transactions.


Today, the stars advise Leos to be a little more careful: the situation around them is unlikely to change dramatically, but some technical or psychological obstacles cannot be ruled out. Perhaps someone close to you will become more irritable, and it will be more difficult to get help or maintain a community of interests. On this day, it is better to postpone targeted trips and contacts; you should not delay events.


Today, the stars advise Virgos to refrain from shopping and financial procedures: the closer the evening is, the higher the risk of errors, flaws, and disappointments. on this day it makes sense to postpone new transactions of any kind, because of them you can find yourself in an ambiguous situation. It will not be superfluous to be careful when repaying or restructuring debt, exchanging transactions, and fulfilling partnership obligations.


Today Libra should be more careful in their actions, refrain from new beginnings, and slow down the pace in current affairs. During the day, your mood may deteriorate or your health may deteriorate, and suspiciousness, irritability, or resentment may increase. There may be echoes of old grievances or disputes in significant relationships. For many Libras, especially October ones, it will become more difficult to get along with family members and colleagues.


The stars hint to Scorpios that today they will not be prevented from taking preventive precautions. You should not show frivolity, gullibility, and negligence, especially if you are visiting, dependent, and bound by obligations. If you act carelessly, a funny story will turn into trouble. There is a risk of facing the consequences of the past, infringement of rights. You may have to suppress your negative emotions.


The circumstances of this day remind Sagittarius not only of the pleasant prospects for their relationships with other people but also of the other, problematic side. You may have to once again face an ugly page in the history of your group, with the “other side of the coin” in love or marriage, with unresolved material or moral debts. Life will tell you which traces of the past interfere with a happy future.


For Capricorns today, the risk of failure and complications increases. Achieving a goal will be associated with certain difficulties, the roots of which will often lie in the past. If the situation is initially tense, it is important not to add problems to yourself, control negative emotions, and act as carefully as possible. It is worth minimizing undertakings, especially joint ones, and contacts with unpleasant people.


Today, Aquarius should not rely entirely on luck. It is advisable to consolidate all the positive achievements of yesterday in the morning since as events develop, obvious or hidden obstacles will more persistently remind themselves of themselves; in any case, there will be ambiguous details and veiled errors. Relationships with foreigners or representatives of the legal field may be complicated.


Today, the stars advise Pisces to keep security and warning systems turned on: this is the best way to reduce troubles or avoid them altogether. Depending on the circumstances, such vigilance may be required by technical or legal matters. Confidence in partners and assistants is important. It is worth postponing planned work and undertakings on this day, especially responsible and risky ones.

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